The Apparatus and Materials Used in Pipe Relining

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The efficiency, quick turnaround, and minimum property damage has made pipe relining become a chief solution for pipe repair solutions around the world. Although there are other trenchless pipe rehabilitation techniques that are practised today, pipe relining is a primary choice when it comes to reinforcing pipes without any excavation. Pipe relining makes use of state-of-the-art equipment as well as smart civil engineering in order to repair pipes with no major issues. Below is a list of the apparatus and materials used in pipe relining.

The Resin Liner

The fundamental process of pipe relining is focusing on adding a resin liner inside the damaged pipe through an entry hole. This resin liner will basically become the new pipe lining of the sewer system. Not only will this pad the cracked and damaged pipes, it also has the ability to embellish the water flow of the lining due to its refined surface. Pipelines that are relined with resin are less prone to damage, leaks, and even root invasions. Furthermore, the lifespan of the sewer line will greatly increase thanks to the resin liner. There is no uniform composition of the resin since there are actually many types of resin out there. However, the basic ones are widely used and are very reliable. Polyester and vinyl ester resins are not susceptive to chemical and corrosion–and also quite durable. There are some concerns with these types because they tend to shrink at a fast rate and may have a negative impact on the structure if it shrinks badly. Proper maintenance and check-ups must be observed to avoid the shrink issues. The resin that’s applied a lot in sewer pipes is epoxy resin. It’s far more durable than the polyester and vinyl ester, and doesn’t require much maintenance since it has a low shrink pace.

Camera for pipe survey

The contractors or plumbing company doing the pipe repair must first know the condition of the pipes before they attempt any restoration. You see, there are special cases in which the pipes can’t be relined anymore due to joint issues, collapsing structure, and among other factors. A detailed assessment must be done which is why they need a camera to survey the pipes. Thanks to the camera equipment, repairmen don’t have to excavate the pipes to see its condition. The camera survey also has another purpose and that is to check the pipeline if there are any objects that is causing clogs.

Tools for cleaning and unclogging

If there are indeed any blockage like tree roots, oil & grease accumulation, debris, and other clog-causing objects, then cleaning or unclogging equipment is used. There are various tools that can clear out clogs in a sewer pipeline, but perhaps the most popular choice is a high pressure water jet. Some of these jets are able to produce water pressure that’s 25,000 PSI. The powerful water bursts can clear out most type of clogs out there and can even clean the pipeline. It’s also able cut down small to medium roots that are causing clogs.

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