Signs Your Sewer Drain is Clogged

pipes reliningSewer drains can be easily clogged if you’re not careful with what you flush down your plumbing fixtures. Maintenance is also a key factor in keeping the drains clog free. However, there are times when the sewer drain still suffers from blockage even how careful you are.

It can be quite a hassle and it can also pose as a plumbing emergency. If you suspect that your sewer drain is blocked then you mustn’t use any of your plumbing fixtures before the sewer system is free from the blockage. Get help from local plumbing services as soon as you can. Here are some major signs that your sewer drain is clogged.

Most of Your Plumbing Fixtures have Been Clogged

A clear sign that the sewer line is congested is when most of the plumbing fixtures in your house have clogs. The toilet is the primary fixture that can have problems with sewer blockage, but numerous household plumbing fixtures can be also affected. Check each of these appliances if it has any trouble with its functions.


The first fixture you need to examine is the toilet since it’s directly connected to the sewer line. Aside from a clogged toilet, other problems that may arise from a congested sewer line are overflows and the rising toilet water after flushing. Although, it can be possible that the sewer system is clogged and yet the toilets are still working well–this is an extremely rare occurrence. Gurgling noises can also be a symptom.

*Problems with the Washing Machine

It may seem farfetched but the washing machine can be also affected. The problem occurs when the water that was drained out of the washing machine can lead to a toilet overflow. However, if you noticed that the toilet is working fine while the washing machine is defective then the problem is with the washing machine.

*Run Water with the Sink Nearest to the Toilet

This is a pretty easy sign or test that the main sewer line is clogged: simply run a sink nearest to the toilet for one minute. Check your toilet if it produces any bubbles or if the water rises. If either of these happens then it’s clear that the main sewer line is clogged.

Clearing the Clog

You can call plumbing services in your area to let them clear the blockage. They usually use an auger (also known as drain snake) to remove the clogs. If the problem still occurs, then they will opt for a camera inspection. Be wary of plumbers who immediately use camera inspection without trying to clear the drain first.

Preventing Sewer Line Clogs in the Future

The main culprits in sewer drains clogs include: flushing unnecessary items into the toilet and pipes, tree roots and shrubs, and ruptured pipes. Avoid flushing objects that shouldn’t be flushed into the toilet like hygiene products, food debris, plastics, etc. The problem with the tree roots, shrubs, and damaged pipes is that it can’t be easily detected since its underground, which is why you need to hire a plumber to do some inspections and maintenance.

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