Preventive Maintenance against Sewer Line Clogs and Backup

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The best way to avoid dealing sewer line clogs and backup is to do a regular preventive maintenance. But if you’re ever faced with such problems, call the plumber immediately since a sewer pipe issue is definitely a plumbing emergency, and should be addressed immediately. Here are some tips on how to do preventive maintenance to avert a sewer line clog and backup.

Make sure trees and other vegetation that have large & medium roots are far as possible from the sewer line

If you plan on planting trees in your premises, be sure it’s far from the sewer and other water lines in your home. The roots from the trees and even other vegetation like shrubs and bushes can enter the pipeline and cause an intensive blockage. There are even cases in which the roots are fully grown and are able to completely block the whole sewer line and cause a stoppage. You can actually kill the roots with the use of copper sulphate and other chemicals but this isn’t advisable since it can corrode the pipes of your plumbing system if used frequently. It’s much better to let a plumber remove the roots and do some uprooting in your vicinity.   

Put enzyme cleaner on the drains in a monthly basis

Commercial chemical drain cleaners are quite a popular option when cleaning drains, but its harsh agents can eat away the inner linings and cause corrosion. Instead of applying these harmful chemicals, use something safer but just as effective as commercial cleaners like enzyme cleaners.

Conduct a pipe inspection

Guessing the age of the pipes will lead you nowhere, and doing it on your own can prove difficult and even dangerous. You can call plumbing contractors for help since they can do an inspection to your sewer pipes. Plumbers have cameras that are used for a safer, accurate, and faster inspection of the pipes. Whatever the result of the examination, you should follow the suggestion of the plumber. Furthermore, if the pipes in your sewer system are too old or slowly breaking into the pipes, then the plumber will definitely advise you to renew the pipes. Ask the plumber if they offer pipe relining services. This pipe repair solution is better than the traditional pipe replacement since it only reserves deep excavation for difficult projects, and most of the time, no digging is needed.  Apart from that, this revolutionary pipe rehabilitation method can help protect your sewer system from leaks, tree roots, and so much more!

Annual rooter cleaning maintenance

No matter how vigilant you’re with preventing your sewer lines from being clogged, there will always be debris that will form in your sewer line. This certainly doesn’t mean that you can just abandon your plumbing upkeep since the debris will become much worse without any sort of maintenance. Performing a rooter cleaning annually can help remove debris and other objects that may cause massive clogs in the future. Take note that if your pipes are already aged, it may take more than one rooter cleaning to clear out the debris.

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