Pipe Relining: The Most Effective and Cleanest Solution to Pipe Problems

pipe-relining iconIs your backyard precious enough that sparing it from possible damage due to excavation for pipe repair is your last resort? Well, you need not to do it anyway because the innovative pipe relining will promise the efficient rehabilitation of your damaged pipes without having to excavate your landscape the quickest way possible.

What is Pipe Relining?

Pipe relining is the latest technology in the plumbing industry that offers a no dig solution to your damaged or blocked sewers and drains. This plumbing procedure applies a new lining to an existing damaged pipe in need of rehabilitation. Homeowners can carry it out by purchasing rubber sheets to wrap in the pipe, sealants, or white cement to construct the pipe. However, this method is only temporary and likely result in huge pipe obstructions in the future. The greatest merit of this plumbing technology is the rehabilitation of your pipes without resorting to disruptive excavations.

Why Resort in Pipe Relining for Damaged Pipe Repair?

Relining your compromised pipes can provide you a number of benefits you can’t even imagine years ago. Here are the major reasons why homeowners these days are getting pipe relining services from their local plumbers.

  • Save Costs – Pipe relining saves you a significant amount of cash as you will no longer spend your property to get through the damaged pipes.
  • No Digging Requirement – Pipe relining saves you the hassle of property and landscaping restoration since you need not to excavate your property. This helps you preserve your heritage buildings and trees.
  • Quick Installation – Pipe relining only requires one day completing the rehabilitation rather than two or more days when repair is done in a traditional way. It spares you from the noise and mess brought by excavation. It also allows you to rehabilitate those difficult-to-reach pipes faster.
  • Saves Landscaping – Pipe relining saves the landscaped area of your property when the repair to be done is underneath it.
  • 50 Year Life Expectancy – Pipe relining service providers offers clients getting relining service a warranty of 50-year life expectancy for their relined pipes.
  • Fully Guaranteed – Most of the plumbing contractors or companies in Australia offer up to 20 guarantee on the new pipes used during pipe relining.
  • Durability and Improved Functioning – Relined pipes have more effective protection from penetration of roots and more improved flow than the newly installed pipes. The piping system is reinforced by the addition of epoxy resin pipe into your existing pipe.
  • Safe Plumbing Technology – Pipe relining is a safer method when compared to the traditional procedure. Lesser risk is posed when damaged pipes are relined and safer environment is maintained.
  • Additional Home Value – The plumbing system is one of the valuable considerations during home inspections. Relining helps reinforce your existing plumbing system that enhances its efficacy, boosting the value of your home.

So, all the trouble and inconvenience of excavation and the cost of the restoration can be avoided if you will keep life simple and just reline your damaged pipes.

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