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Plumbermosman Bursting 101Basics of pipe bursting

First things first, we’re going to have a brief yet concise description of pipe bursting. It’s one of the many trenchless pipe replacement solutions in which the buried pipes are fractured or destroyed while a new pipeline is pulled through by a mechanism. Pipe bursting can also increase the size of the pipe hole through its fracturing process.

What are the equipment used?

The primary equipment that are applied in pipe bursting include the bursting head, pulling machinery and rods, retaining tool, and the hydraulic power back. The bursting head is used to break the pipes while the pulling machinery and rod are used to pull in the new pipeline. Most of the equipment are powered with the use of the hydraulic power pack. Certain adjustments and modifications can be done to the bursting head in order for it to effectively and cleanly rupture the pipeline. You see, there are certain pipes that require a specialised bursting head so that it can be fractured without any problem.

Identification of pipes is a necessity

The pipes that are to be replaced can be identified between “fracturable” or “non-fracturable”. Being able to classify the pipes is crucial in pipe bursting since different types of pipes may require unique methods and equipment in order to be bursts or splintered. “Fracturable” pipes easily break and pipe replacement services won’t have trouble with them. Vitrified clay, cast iron, concrete, and asbestos cement are among the number of ‘fracturable’ pipes. “Non-fracturable” pipes are ductile iron, galvanised steel, PVC, HDPE, etc.

Types of pipe bursting method

There are two types of pipe bursting method used which are static and pneumatic. Static makes use of rods, cables, and a bursting bullet head for its process, while pneumatic has a different bursting equipment which are the percussion hammer and bursting head.

In what situations can be pipe bursting is applied:
Pipe bursting is very applicable in many conditions such as:
*Massive Interruption to the public area is inadmissible
*The pipe is located in a place where there is heavy traffic
*Lowering emissions from excavation machinery is preferred
*Repairing and cleaning the destruction brought by large excavations is unwanted

Pipe bursting is an economical and smart way to replace pipes

Most of the time, commercial and residential residences prefer to use trenchless pipe rehabilitation to fix or restore their damaged pipes. In reality, the repair contractors must first assess the pipeline before coming up with solutions. When pipes are impossible to rehabilitate, the only way to solve the pipe problem is by replacing the pipes. Pipe bursting is a trenchless pipe replacement solution which means it has minimum excavation procedures and less destructive than regular open cut excavation. Because of the lowered expenses with nominal dredging and property damage, pipe bursting is essentially more economical. In the past, pipe bursting was considered to be an expensive replacement method since the tools needed were not easily available, and gained a reputation as a method that’s only reserved when digging pipes is not viable. Today, it’s actually one of the most affordable pipe replacement solutions.

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