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It’s nice to have some vegetation like trees and shrubs in your garden. The greenery makes your home more pleasing to the eyes and alluring. Unfortunately, some of these vegetative species may be attacking the sewer pipes underneath the ground, disrupting not just the sewage system of your house but also the plumbing system. Ensure your sewer line now and learn how to make your pipes resistant to tree roots.

  • Know what trees you’re planting and the behaviours of its roots

Did you know that some trees and shrubs are more suitable for household gardens than other species? The reason for this is that some trees are very invasive due to its roots that are very aggressive when searching for nutrients. Case in point; species like willow trees isn’t only capable of invading sewer pipes but other water sources in your household as well such as drains, waterways, etc. It can even destroy pave ways and surrounding landscapes as well. That’s why before you start planting; you must do some analysis on what’s the nature of the roots of the tree you plan on placing in your home. You can ask information from the botanist or the local municipality on the best trees that you can plant, which won’t damage your sewer line.

  • Know the optimal location in placing your trees and shrubs

You may have a non-invasive tree species in your garden, but it will still be a threat if it’s planted just above your sewer line. This is why you should know how to suitably place your trees in a way that it’s far from the sewer line as possible. For this to work, you must learn the location of the sewer pipes so that you will know the best position in planting your trees. Aside from the sewer pipes, there are also cable lines, and underground utilities that you must be aware of.

  • Protect the pipes by installing a metal or wood fence around the sewer pipeline

Creating a metal or wood fence is a great solution in keeping roots off your sewer pipes. There is also a method to improve your underground fence by applying copper sulphate & potassium hydroxide onto it. You see, these chemicals are poisonous to the roots and will definitely make the barriers resistant to root invasions. The metal and wood fence can be placed 6 to 12 inches below the pipeline in a vertical position.

  • How do I determine if my pipes already have roots?

What makes it difficult to know if your sewer pipes are being invaded by roots is that the signs or indicators can be mistaken as your typical plumbing conundrum. If the drains are clogged, then it can be easily identified as a drain issue, not a sewer pipe problem. There are cases in which the roots became larger and mature since homeowners think that the indicators of the sewer issues were just another plumbing problem. If you want to be on the safe side, then you need to have the pipes examined by a qualified plumber.

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