How to Properly Position Trees to Stop its Roots from Damaging your Sewer Line

You may have encountered a problem with roots invading the sewer pipes and even the water system of your household. This can pose as a huge threat if ignored since the roots can cause enormous damage to the pipes and/or  the foundation of the house. Perhaps the most common solution for this predicament is to excavate and cut the tree.

The thing is you don’t have to get rid of your greenery to avoid these plumbing problems. You can still keep or plant a tree without worrying about its invasive roots. See the tips to know how to properly site your saplings.

Knowing the Root of the Problem

First of all, you need to know why these roots are constantly craving for your pipes. This is a valuable information since it gives you a clear idea on root invasion. It’s actually quite simple: tree roots are constantly seeking for nourishment, something which the pipes and sewers provide. It’s most likely that the roots are invading the water system to sustain from a pipe and/or sewer leakage–which is probably caused by cracks.

Awareness of the Location of the Sewer Lines

Before you even start planning to plant the trees, you really should know where the sewer pipes are located, otherwise you won’t have a clear perception on where to place the trees. The district public works can help you determine the area of the sewer system and can even assist you.

It’s important that you’re also aware of the electric posts, road pavements and other constructed utilities near your neighbourhood, since the roots can possibly damage these essential structures as well.

What specie and where will you plant it?

You really need to be practical with the space as well as the distance between the trees and pipe system. It’s critical to determine what species of tree you want in your backyard. This is because the growth size will entirely depend on its type. You obviously don’t want a massive hardwood growing in your lawn if you live in a small suburban home. If you want to add a green scenery without the hassle of maintaining large trees, you can opt for smaller species, especially those that can live easily in pots.

Determining the Potential Size

It’s not just the positioning that’s important but also knowing the potential of the tree’s growth. Generally, the reach of the roots is 3 / 4 of the maximum height a tree can achieve. Let’s say a specific tree can grow up to 15 meters, then its roots can likely reach 11.25 meters.

Construct a Blockade to Stop the Roots from Reaching the Pipes

Aside from making sure the trees are far away from the sewer line, you can also set up some sort of underground barrier as added assurance. You can either use wood or metal blockades as the pipe’s protection,and it should be 15 to 30 centimetres deep. Chemicals like potassium hydroxide and copper sulphate can be applied to the walls to impede the roots from reaching the pipes.

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