Classifications of Sewer Pipes that you should know of

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Sewer pipes will eventually age and thus, need to be replaced. There are some pipe rehabilitation repairs that improve the sturdiness of these old pipes. However, not all times that these pipe rehabilitation methods will prove useful. There are cases in which the sewer pipes are too impaired and beyond repair that rehabilitating it won’t do any good. In this situation, there is no other option except to replace the pipes.

Selecting a new pipe for the sewer system shouldn’t be taken as another task that can be done in haste without any careful consideration. Choosing the right pipes for your sewer line is an important decision since the effectiveness of your sewer system will be affected by it. You can always ask plumbers near your area for some advice in opting for the best types of sewer pipes. For general information and a form of help in purchasing new pipes, here are the classifications of sewer pipes.

Vitrified clay pipe

These clay pipes are actually tough due to its ceramic properties. Also, the clay pipes are resistant to chemicals which make it desirable compared to metallic pipes that are always susceptible to corrosion even if it’s composed of hard materials. Those who are planning to go DIY with replacing pipes with vitrified clay should think twice since this material is heavy and impossible to cut in half without the proper tools. Basically, you need a professional to do the installation. Despite its great and impressive advantages, clay pipes have its own setbacks. One of the most prominent issues with this pipe material is that it’s prone to root intrusions due to its porous properties.

Cast Iron Pipes

Cast iron is one of the toughest pipes out there. Even modern and popular plastic like pipes are nowhere as tough and durable as cast iron. Some 4” cast iron can even endure 2,212 kgs of pressure. Again, if you’re someone who prefers DIY, avoid trying to cut or install this pipe since it’s very difficult to set up in your sewer line. In fact, leave sewer pipe installations to professionals since it’s very dangerous to do it on your own. Furthermore, cast iron is non-flammable which makes methane fires impossible from happening in this sewer pipe. Just like vitrified clay, it has its own disadvantages, and it’s primarily the vulnerability to corrosion. Of course, cast iron pipes are still tough, but once it has reached its lifespan, it will corrode badly.

PVC Pipes

Among the various plastic pipes used in sewer systems, PVC is very cheap and easy to install. It might not be as tough as cast iron but it can still do a great job in keeping the sewer pipe system running and intact. It also has a long lifespan and resistant to certain chemicals, just like vitrified clay. The main concern with PVC is that its durability is subpar compared to other sewer pipes available in the market. It’s great to be well-informed with the classifications of sewer pipes, but at the end of the day, you must seek help and advice from a professional plumber.

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