How Can Homeowners Benefit From Epoxy Pipe Lining

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Plumbing pipes are crucial fixture to properties. Water pipes serve as a tool in transporting potable water from the main water line to different areas of the house while the sewer pipes transport waste items and waste water from the house to the septic tank. However, plumbing pipes corrode and get damaged over time, especially the sewer pipes. Neglecting these pipes until it ruptures or clogs can costs you dearly. Corroded sewer pipes that backup or burst is very messy, invasive and tedious to repair. It can force a family or household out of their properties for quite some time. It can even lead to breaking residential leases and health hazards. For these reasons, routine and proper plumbing care and maintenance are needed to prevent health problems and pipe damage. It also protects the structural integrity of your home and prevent future onset of plumbing problems. One of the effective ways of preventing corrosion of the sewer pipes and addressing pipe damage is epoxy pipe lining. In here, we will present more information about epoxy pipe lining, its benefits to property owners and their properties for several years and how this technique works.

What Is Epoxy Pipe Lining and How It Is Done?

Epoxy pipe lining, also known as epoxy re-piping, is the technical term used in the plumbing sector to refer to the method of repairing corroded, cracked and busted sewer pipes. Since i is not a simple and a quick process, it should be done only by licensed, skilled, experienced and dependable plumber.

It is a new plumbing technology that enables damaged sewer pipes to be renewed and repaired devoid of undergoing demolition and invasive work. In here, plumbers first examine the condition of the sewer pipes and the extent of damage with the use of special kind of small CCTV camera inserted on the pipe. An epoxy liner is inserted on the damaged pipe and inflated until it sticks to the walls of the damaged sewer pipes. The epoxy lining is left to dry out for several hours.

This particular method stabilises and reinforces the existing sewer pipes. It is efficient in repairing breaks, cracks, corrosion and other vulnerabilities of the sewer pipes devoid of frustration and hassles. This technology managed foreseen problems prior to its occurrence. This is less–evasive and cost-effective compared to the traditional way of repairing damaged and cracked sewer pipes. Instead of commencing a demolition, boring of holes and drilling underground pipes, epoxy pipe relining uses the pipe’s existing entry points in accessing the damaged pipes that needed repair. This enables property owners to save money, mess, time and labour costs.

The materials used in pipe relining are non-toxic, contaminant-free and safe. It has the ability to inhibit the entry of sewage from the sewer lines to the local water systems. To know more about this technology, you can contact a trusted, licensed, experienced and dependable plumber to explain all its details. Licensed plumbers can give you prior estimates should you want to avail pipe relining method to repair your damaged sewer pipes.

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