6 Sewer Pipe Issues Indicating Need for Relining


Many issues and affairs may arise with your sewer pipes especially because they are buried under the ground. When damage, cracks and broken pipes initiates, never ignore them as they might get worse, instead have them relined to add up to their effectiveness, durability and capacity without digging them up and throwing them away.
Here are some issues and sewer pipe affairs that may warrant pipe relining.

1. Sewer pipe corrosion
Pipes, no matter how strong and durable, they too might experience deterioration and corrosion especially when excessively used for a long time. Corrosion causes sewer pipe to break or cave in, allowing a little passage for sewage and clogging in the near future. This vindicates the need to have your sewer pipes relined. Relining them will help increase strength, flow capacity and durability as well as their capacity to restrict and avoid future clogs and sewer pipe blockages.

2. Blocked pipe
Pipe blockage caused by grease and fat build up or stuck foreign object restricts or completely hinders sewage flow. This may possibly result to sewage backup and overflow which is a filthy mess to your home and hazardous to your health. Relining sewage pipes will lessen the possibility of pipe blockage because of the installed pipe liner during pipe relining process restricts any object attachments. Pipes will also be cleaned prior to pipe relining to remove any types of build up within your sewer pipe.

3. Damaged sewer pipe
Any time, your sewer pipe may break, collapse, or get damaged. This will not happen to the entire sewer pipes though and pipe relining would be the best remedy to this problem instead of digging them up. Pipe relining would repair the damaged part of the sewer pipe and would add strength and capacity to the pipe areas that are still in fair condition.

4. Pipe sags
Sags is when a part of your pipe sank in a lower level apart from other pipes creating a depression that allows build ups of objects and flushed sewage or materials. This sagging of sewer pipes will then cause clogging and sewage backup. Have them repaired through pipe relining for an effective and economical sewer pipe repair.

5. Leaky sewer pipe joints
Seals between pipe ends may wear out after many years of service. They may leak, break or collapse that will allow sewage escapade and will eventually demand pipe repair. Relining is the best option in repairing sewer pipe joints to avoid trench digging and frustrating landscape damage.

6. Root Intrusion
Root intrusion will commonly happen to sewer pipes situated near large growing trees. Root will head towards water supplier thus wrecking sewer pipes up to obtain water. Pipe relining your pipes will increase its ability to restrict root intrusion and increase its flow. You will no longer for the burdens caused by root intrusion through relining and maintaining your sewer pipes by keeping it away from the reach of tree roots.

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