5 Advantages of Trenchless Pipe Relining

trenchless pipe relining

Plumbing is plumbing. Some problems are bigger and more complicated than other but equally as frustrating. Pipelines can be considered as the veins of your plumbing system. When one pipe is blocked, the whole system is affected. So, it is imperative that you keep those lines open, functional and in a great condition.

One sure solution in reinforcing and protecting plumbing lines is not occasional repair and replacement. It’s Pipe Relining! In this article, learn about the benefits you can have when you reline your pipe.


  • Minimal damage to property.

Outdoor pipelines are often buried underneath painstakingly manicured lawns and landscapes grounds. Digging them up for replacement or repair would not only be messy but also very expensive. With pipe relining however, you will only need two holes to repair the pipes. One as an entry point and the other as the exit. This will save you dollars in your budget and save you the damage in your well-landscaped grounds, pathways and lawn.


  • Cost effectivity.

In any plumbing repair, cost is one of the main considerations. Pipe Relining uses a method that does not require you to jack hammer your pathways and make a mess of your grounds. While you are dealing with a plumbing issue, in conventional pipe repair, most of your budget will go to landscape  your grounds and trying to make it look like it way before the digging or maybe better. In pipe relining, not only do you not need a budget for that, the method itself cuts half the labour because of the speed of the process. Lesser man hours, lesser labour.


  • Leakage and root intrusion proof.

The epoxy mixture inside the lining creates a seamless protection for the inside walls of the ‘host’ pipe which now makes the pipe immune to external factors such as soil, rocks and tree roots that could possibly crack and enter the pipe creating blockage.


  • Increase in water flow rate.

Due to the inside wall of the pipe being epoxy, calcification rarely occurs because the epoxy compound is much smoother than cast iron, clay or steel pipes. Mineral build up is less likely to occur. With no build-up or calcification inside the pipe, water flow is smoother and stronger.


  • Increases the pipe’s lifespan.

No one wants to deal with the same problem again and again. With pipe relining, your are sure that your pipes are well protected, seamless and strong enough that it can withstand unchecked for over ten years. The return of your investments is well worth it that is why more home-owners are using pipe relining in repairs.

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