4 Wrong Impressions people have with Pipe Bursting

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Pipe bursting is just one of the many methods that belong to trenchless sewer pipe replacement. This method focuses more on destroying the existing pipeline instead of extracting or reinforcing it with liners which other trenchless methods used. Pipe bursting is such a unique way of replacing pipes that people often have some misconceptions with it. Here are some of the most common wrong impressions people have with pipe bursting.

1. Pipe bursting is too costly

This was actually true back in 2000s, but things are so much different today. One of the main reasons why pipe bursting was such expensive in the past was because it was exclusively used in projects in which digging was not applicable for pipe repair. Apart from that, the materials and equipment used for the process weren’t available immediately and were very expensive. But today, pipe bursting is one of the most economical and effective ways you can replace pipes. The equipment used for pipe bursting is more accessible and it has become widely used for many pipe repair applications.

2. Pipe bursting isn’t trenchless since it requires trenching

This is more of a misconception of the term “trenchless” in pipe repair. You see, when people say trenchless they immediately think that there is no form of excavation, when in reality, trenchless actually means there is little to no trenching ―—- meaning there is some form of digging but it’s significantly lesser than the more conventional pipe repair methods. Pipe bursting has a nominal excavation, but its dredging process is to create a hole that’s only large enough for the pipes to fit in so it isn’t some large excavation project.

3. Pipe bursting and a few pipe rehabilitation methods can be easily compared

A lot of people often compare pipe bursting with pipe rehabilitation methods such as CIPP, sliplining, pull-in-place, and many more. Most of these comparisons often end in the conclusion that pipe bursting is less effective and practical since it needs excavation compared to the pipe rehabilitation solutions. You really can’t compared pipe bursting with the CIPP, sliplining, and the other pipe rehabilitation repairs since pipe bursting itself is a form of pipe replacement. Pipe bursting is totally a different classification to CIPP and other relining methods.

4. Pipe bursting can only be used in increasing the pipe size and if extraction isn’t a viable process in replacing the pipes

Pipe bursting is also a popular method to increase the overall size of the pipe, which is why a lot of people think that this method should be rarely applied in pipe replacement. Actually, pipe bursting is one of the most flexible and varied pipe replacement methods out there. It can be used in situations in which you want to have little to no disruption in the area of the work site. A lot of pipe repair contractors are realising how effective pipe bursting can be in pipe replacement while minimising the damage brought by the excavation.

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