4 Implications that your Sewer Pipeline Needs to be Replaced

There’s no doubt that the sewer line is one of the most integral pipelines in your household. Its main function is to transport the waste water from the house’s plumbing system to the municipal sewer system. If the sewer pipeline isn’t working or broken then this will have serious complications in your household. Here are some implications that your sewer pipeline needs to be replaced.

1.Sewage Waste Backups

This is something that you can easily observe as the disruption of the plumbing is evident, although the extent of the backup can range from being a minor issue to downright devastating. There are many signs that can help you determine if there is a sewage backup in your house. One of which is a gurgling noise as well as bubbling on your toilets. The drains in your house may also have slow movement.

Perhaps the worst case scenario of a sewage backup is when it completely stops the drainage system in your house. The waste will unable to pass through the sewer line and will just return to your drains and other plumbing fixtures. If you suspect you have sewage waste backup, contact plumbers in your area to check the sewer lines in your premises. With their help, the problem can be assessed faster. In most cases, a severely damaged sewer line that’s causing a sewage backup must be replaced.

2.Putrid Smell and Stagnant Water

The waste that remains in the sewer line will definitely produce an unbearable stench. The smell can easily be noticed but knowing its exact location can be troublesome. Also, a damaged sewer line can leak out waste on your backyard, drain field, or even inside your house. The other less noticeable sign is stagnant water in your lawn or backyard. This is an indication that leaks are coming out from the sewer line and are seeping through the soil. Possible reasons of a damaged sewer line are tree roots that are invading the pipes, corrosion of the pipe lining, or cracked pipes.

3.Sudden Appearance or Increased Number of Pests in your Household

We all know that rats, cockroaches, and other types of pests are prevalent in the sewer. With the sewer’s slow moving waste, these pests make their home in the sewers. You should be alarmed when pests like mice and cockroaches appear more often in your household. Take note that these vermin are attracted to stagnant water waste. This is one of the strongest and alarming signs that your sewer line is clogged or severely damaged.

4.Replacing the Sewer Pipeline

Using the traditional pipe replacement is such a hassle and can even create hazards in your neighbourhood due to deep excavation. A more feasible replacement method is applying pipe relining. Lots of plumbers and homeowners have used this pipe rehabilitation method since it has less or no excavation, fast turnaround, and beneficial in the long run. It will also improve the water flow of your sewer line. The plumbers you will hire for a pipe repair or replacement will most likely recommend the pipe relining method.

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