4 Effective Methods for Sewer Pipe Maintenance

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The actions of the homeowners and how they treat their sewer lines will greatly affect the way it functions and the longevity of its service. When you take good care of your fixture, always remember that they too will take good care of you. A well-kept sewer lines will give it homeowner less to no sewer issues to worry about. When this happens, there will be lesser costs on repair and replacement since there won’t be any in the first place.

Most problems in the sewer lines usually come from the lack of maintenance and little to no regards to what happens within those pipes. So, to make your life easier, here are effective methods to maintain a sewer pipe that requires minimal amount of efforts to accomplish:

  • CCTV Camera Inspections

Using a CCTV Camera drone down the pipes is a very good way to go about pipe inspection and maintenance. This does not only give you an idea of what it happening inside the sewer pipes, it also gives you the tiniest details for you to be able to create or come up with the most effective solution and course of action to salvage whatever you can from your sewer system. Though a CCTV camera can be purchased from your local hardware stores, there is a significant difference when the one doing the inspection is a professional plumber against an average homeowner. This is because a licensed plumber has more idea on what is going on with the sewer pipes based on the surveillance footage that the camera sends through the wires.

With the expertise and years of experience that a plumber has, he can tell the exact condition of your sewer system, the extent of the damage, other possible issues that may arise and the proper solution.

  • Hydro-jet Cleaning

A hydraulic water jet is a tool that has a nozzle at the tip. The nozzle is used to spill water at the pressure level of 2000 to 6000 psi. This tool is initially used in the initial and post-installation cleaning of the pipe relining process. However, in spite being made for that purpose, it is also used in regular clean-up projects. They are effective in the sense that they are able to detach oily and greasy materials from the interior of the walls of the sewer pipes. Unlike other techniques that only even succeed in partially cleaning the sewer pipes, a water jet does a thorough job at washing away every object that is present inside the pipes.

After the process of hosing down the sewer pipes, you can notice the difference when you use other means of cleaning.

  • Clean Ups Using Rodding Tools

A rodding tool is used to eliminate all blockages inside the sewer pipes that are sticking to the interior walls. This tool looks a lot like the plumber’s snake. The tool is inserted into the sewer pipe and is used to cut down roots intruding inside, eliminate future blockages and clear out sediments. The tool is also made up of several heads that makes it very effective in getting rid of different sewer pipe issues.

  • Using Chemical Cleaners

Another good way of cleaning a sewer pipe is by simply pouring down a generous amount of chemical cleaners on it. This method certain has some level of success but it does numerous harms to your sewer system. If you do choose this method, be aware of the types of chemicals you use and follow the manufacturer’s instructions clearly to prevent damages and injury. Also, remember to reduce the usage of chemicals to 2 times a month at most.

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