4 Easy Ways to Protect Your Pipe System from Root Intrusion

root intrusion

Root intrusion is always a pain for every homeowner. This doesn’t just damage the pipe but it could also hinder the system from operating. Thus, all the chores that should be done on time will be delayed. The reason why predicament happens is because of the tree roots that seeks for nutrients and moist they failed to obtain from other areas. With no doubt, they can get this when they try to reach for our sewer system. Furthermore, with regards to the subject, you really don’t have to worry for the following presented are the easiest ways on to avoid the issue from happening:


Locate your lines

The initial step you have to do in order to secure the welfare of your pipes is to know where their location is, where these pipes are buried. To make sure you get the right location, you can ask for the blueprints and other landscape plans your architect had given you. When it’s already in your possession, place some markings on the ground for you to remember the exact location of the pipes. With this, you are confident you wouldn’t make any mistake on the position of your plants. Always remember that planting your vegetation near or top of the pipe will encourage roots from penetrating within the pipe in the future.


Create barriers between the two

Aside from the position of your plants and pipes, the second option to protect your pipes against root intrusion is through the usage of chemical solutions. This is the typical trick most household owners do. Applying these solutions in the soil of the pipe will impede or eliminate the growth of the roots. Most of the time, experts would recommend using either a potassium hydroxide or copper sulphate. The said chemicals are available in your local hardware shops.


Choose to plant sewer-safe trees

Not at all plants are really dangerous to your pipe system. Some type of plants doesn’t cause any complication or malfunction to your plumbing. Commonly, this variety of vegetation is known to be a “sewer-safe”. This kind of plants can be planted anywhere in the residential building since they put so much harm to the sewer system. Aside from that, they also have a slow- growing tree root that usually grows in a downward direction


Regular pipe system inspection

The most important thing to do not just for the sewer system but to the entire plumbing is to conduct a regular inspection. With this, you have ensured that the service of your system lasts longer. Also, conducting a maintenance will give an opportunity to see if there are any minor complication that could worsen over time. Thus, you can repair them immediately. There are several ways on how to inspect your sewer system and this is through the use of  CCTV camera inspection. As the tool is inserted into the pipe, it will send live footage regarding the condition and possible causes of sewer system problems straight to the contractor. Then, the contractors will analyse the situation before deciding what pipe repair method is going to be used.

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