4 Apparatus and Materials used in Pipe Relining

plumber mosman tools for pipe reliningPipe relining continues to become a rising & popular solution for pipe repair. It’s fast and doesn’t disrupt the surroundings when the repair operation is being done. The reason why pipe relining has become a great method for restoring pipes is because of its advanced engineering and of course the state-of-the-art equipment. There are many apparatus used in pipe relining that help hasten the procedure and effectively fix the pipes like:

1. The CCTV camera

The CCTV camera is used for the inspection of the sewer pipeline. Crucial information can be taken from the camera survey such as the physical state of the pipes if it’s too cracked or not and also the pathway and structure of the sewage system. In the past, knowing the condition of the sewer pipes was truly time-consuming and tedious since the repair team must either dig the sewer line or go deep into the main sewer system to visually inspect the pipes. Fortunately, the CCTV camera allows for a faster and safe inspection.

2. Clearing Equipment

Apart from the inspection of the pipes, the CCTV survey can also help highlight some obstructions that can greatly affect the whole process of pipe relining. It’s imperative that any form of obstruction must be removed so that the operation will be smooth-flowing. There are many equipment that can be used to clear out the sewer pipes, but the commonly used ones are the high pressure water jets and electronic auger. Electronic auger can cut down most roots and hook up accumulated clogs. Meanwhile, water jets conduct high pressure water flow that could go up to 25,000 psi. The water blasts can clear off most clogs and even roots in most of the time. It’s not a good idea to use water jets on already fragile pipes since it may destroy the pipelining and make the whole operation more complicated.

3. Resin liner

The resin liner is basically what the whole process and other equipment revolves around. It takes over the old pipes as the primary sewer line. This resin liner is plugged into the pipes, but it takes a liquid and transparent form when being integrated into the sewage system. After it has been positioned into the pipes; it’s given ample time to be cured or otherwise known as hardened. Different liners are used in pipe relining but in most cases of lateral lining contractors; they use epoxy resin because it’s very durable and doesn’t contain toxic substances which are often present in various types of resin.

4. The bladder

The resin liner won’t be able to be properly positioned inside the pipes since it’s in an unstable state if it’s not cured yet. In order to help shape the resin liner and position it perfectly in the pipes; the liner is placed inside or pumped into the bladder. When the bladder is in place; it’s then inflated to push the resin liner to the pipe lining. If the resin liner is finally cured then it’s deflated and taken out the pipes.

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