3 Common Sewer Pipe Misbeliefs

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There are a few misconceptions about sewer pipes and how they should be treated. This is often spread and carried through word of mouth. To make things worse, these are commonly practices that homeowners have been doing repeatedly over the years under the impression that by doing so, they can push their plumbing system into becoming better. The main reason why the homeowners do these practices is that the majority of them are fairly easy to do, low cost and pretty much do the job themselves. What they do not know is that the very actions they trust to make the plumbing process as fluid as possible is the very one that is threatening to destroy the plumbing system.

Here are 3 of the most common and a brief explanation why they are harmful:

  • False Flushable

You might be thinking that since the items that pass through you floor drains and kitchen kitchens are pretty harmless since they are often small and some are even in powder form. In contradictory to what you are thinking, things like these are the very reasons why you suffer from unforeseen plumbing issues.

There are certain areas in the plumbing system that a homeowner should be wary about and the drain is certainly one of them. There are substances and wastes that seem to be harmless to the system or fixture but are in fact notorious when it comes to create damage. Every homeowner should prevent products such as toilet papers, tissues and napkins from being flushed down the toilet. Be watchful of hair fall from entering the floor drains. Lastly, and most importantly, keep a keen eye on what goes down your kitchen drain. Avoid flushing down just-add-water mixes and foods since they are proven to be the main reasons behind accumulation and build up. Segregate your wastes into bins to make sure that nothing unsightly gets past the drain. Even when the label says it is flushable and easy to breakdown; do not flush hygiene products, wet wipes and sanitary items down the toilet.

  • Sewer System Requiring Minimal Maintenance

Most homeowners think that the sewer system requires lesser maintenance than the other plumbing fixtures. This is, in fact, one of the most common and untrue notions. Contrary to that, the sewer lines need more maintenance and care than we can ever give it since its prime function is to convey solid and liquid wastes from one building to the other.

Since the sewer lines are located below the ground, we often do not know when a problem develops and this is how small damages manage to have time to develop into bigger issues that threaten the very foundation of the system. What must be done is to conduct routine examinations that are spaced in close intervals so that the condition of the system is properly monitored.

  • Excavation During Repair, Inspection and Replacement

With the new advancements in technology and methods in modern day plumbing, there are certain methods that are no longer applicable and needed. One of these is the need to have excavations dug with the traditional method of plumbing repair, replacement and even during maintenance.

One thing is for sure, you do not have to create digs in your property just to check up on the condition of your pipeline. This can now be done through modern and advanced equipment such as camera drones and rods that give detailed and live feedback to the inspector. Also, repairs do not always have to translate to replacement. In fact, through pipe relining, homeowners are now given a wider scope of possible remedies and solutions to all possible damages to the pipe that requires minimal downtime, low cost and impeccable results.

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