3 Advantages of Trenchless Pipe Repair

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As a homeowner, there is a great possibility that you would encounter plumbing issues. Knowing this, you would certainly be confused on what type of repair would you apply for your pipelines. Trenchless pipe repair is now widely used and advised by most contractors due to its advantages. If you want to have a repair that is time effective, cost effective and less invasive, then this is what you are looking for. To understand more about this type of repair, get to know more of its advantages.


  • High-quality

The process of this pipe repair may be low cost but it can guarantee you a high quality of work. The relined pipe has been proven to be 10 times stronger compared to the average pipeline. The pipe that is treated can last for 50 years longer compared to the normal one. This relining process uses a resin liner which is environment-friendly and has a high resistance to any kind of chemical agent that is in the soil. It can adapt to the movement of the soil as this is semi-flexible.

The relined pipe won’t break when there is a movement of the soil which won’t make any entry point for the root intrusion. Considering the amount of chemicals applied to the relined pipe, it is safe to humans as it is non-toxic.

  • Low Cost

Since this pipe repair is trenchless, the equipment and tools used are reduced. It won’t be necessary to purchase new materials and large machinery. The traditional way of repairing pipes where you will be spending much on the necessary materials such as fuel energy and human labour.

A trenchless pipe repair would require lesser products to be bought which would obviously lessen the entire cost of the repair. This kind of repair is not messy and does not produce a lot of waste. With this, the restoration cost is reduced. Aside from this, the human labour cost won’t be a problem since it will only require few contractors to do the job as a machine is used for the process. The contractor is only responsible for monitoring and operating the machine. The entire process can also be done in a matter of less than a day or even 3 to 4 hours. As a result, the entire cost of the pipe repair is obviously reduced.

  • Effective

Repairing of pipes is known to be a great bothersome in our time and money. The traditional method of repairing pipes would be very destructive to the residents residing near the area. It would require a lot of digging, materials and equipment. Aside from this, it would take a long time for the entire process to be through. With the new pipe repair, the damage is reduced and it won’t destruct the entire neighbourhood.

Although all methods have one purpose which is to have the pipes repaired, they have differences. They might be effective but the entire process is different. A trenchless pipe repair uses high-quality materials which can reduce the possibility of having future repairs and the problems such as root intrusion would be prevented.

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