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Blocked Drains

If you have come to a point wondering when will be the next time you are going to call a professional plumber to unclog your sewer pipes, chances are your drainage system is already compromised due to root intrusion. Since old houses in Australia are likely to have earthenware pipes, tree roots are attracted to the moisture from these pipelines. The natural course of these tree roots is to seep into the entire length of the pipeline, grow, and eventually fill the entire space. To detect the same, here are some of your warning signs:

  • Recurring blockage of your drainage system
  • Slow flowing drainage
  • Gurgling noise from your toilet bowl
  • Backflow of liquid from those drainage outlets
  • Foul smell coming from the drain

Traditionally, excavations are resorted to in order to fix it. This however is very inconvenient, time-consuming, and much costly in the long run. Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) lining on the other hand has become an increasingly logical alternative resorted to more and more by people wanting to fix the problem as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

What is CIPP

CIPP is a pipe relining technology that is used to repair or even replace old, worn-out, or structurally damaged pipelines. A new lining within the host pipeline is installed without the usual disruptive diggings. We employ an efficient method of CIPP known as the Inversion Method.

How is Inversion Method CIPP done?

The method of installation of the liner is turned inside-out using pressurized air. The liner then runs its way to the length of the host pipe along with the resin that should make up the new interior pipe.

Outlined below is the step by step process undertaken:

    1. Using hydro jetting (high pressure water blasting), the sewer pipeline is cleaned of the usual debris such as fats, oil, grease, grit, and the like.

    2. A video inspection is done to determine the extent of the damage and the length of the pipe lining to be introduced in the premises.

    3. The hydro-jet cleaning machine will be used again to completely clean the pipes from sewage and tree roots.

    4. A special fabric tube or saturated felt tube, made of polyester or other materials suitable for resin impregnation, is pulled into the broken pipe. Epoxy resins are mixed to saturate this fabric tube. The tube is inflated with air until the resins harden.

    5. To cure the resin and form a seamless and tight-fitting replacement pipeline, hot water or steam is utilized. Depending on the pipe diameter, length, and curing system, the process will take at least 2-4 hours.

    6. To ensure quality and integrity of the new inner pipeline, a post video inspection is conducted once again.

Why pipe-relining is the best solution?

Looking at the process of pipe relining, the method is exacting as it does away with the uncertainties of doing excavations, or the trial-and-error of your usual band-aid unclogging solutions.

Cure-in-Place Pipe relining technology is therefore:

    ✔ a less disruptive method,

    ✔ more convenient,

    ✔ less time-consuming, and

    ✔ wise money investment.

The relined pipe becomes your stand-alone pipe should the host pipeline eventually disintegrate through the usual wear and tear or pre-existing structural defects. In fact, it is already your pipe replacement without necessarily going through the process of installing new pipes. It is warranted to be functional up to 50 years or more. It is one of those one-time investments that leaves you worry free for the rest of your lifetime. For more information about pipe relining call us immediately on 0488 885 196.

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