What do you want to know about solar water heaters?

Solar water heaters are the cheapest method to heat water, creating these devices a best option for homeowners finding to save money. Solar water heaters can highly reduce your power bill and assist you to protect the surroundings. They are used in all types of climate, creating these systems a smart energy option. Once placed, they keep paying for themselves. Users can also have the confidence that this system will last for plenty of years with less maintenance needed. Even though it is true that having a solar heater will save you cash, you will first need to invest huge sum of money to fit these systems in the house. Solar water heating is famous in different parts of the world, with the fitting rate differs from one country to another. How much you will be able to save will be based upon the energy costs in the local place, your power bills will go up. To install this system you will require storage tanks and solar collectors. Proper insulated storage tanks are needed.


These tanks will contain inlet and outlet connections. Availing a two tank, the heaters are availed to preheat, prior the water flows by traditional water heaters. The two types of systems are active and passive. The first type requires circulating pumps and controls and other type passive water heaters do not need this. The two kinds of active system are direct and indirect systems. The first type of circulatory system contains pumps, circulating water from the solar collector. This is effective for weather conditions that do not freeze more, indirect system contain pumps, heat transferring, without freezing liquid by the solar heater, heating up the water with heat exchanger. This system is well in climates where the temperature usually falls to or below the freezing point.


Passive water design works good where temperature usually do not fall below freezing and where people require hot water throughout the day are known as integral collector storage methods. The next type of passive system is known as thermo syphon system. In this the tank is placed below the storage tank, letting it heater water. These systems are usually costly to fit; the issue is about supporting the weight of the storage tank. Before purchasing solar water heaters for your home, there are lots of things to be considered. Decide on which system to avail, by checking your budget, climate condition, household demands and reliability. If one’s home usually gets a regular sunlight that is sufficient to operate the system.


Potential contractors can offer solar site inspection for consumer requirements. You should also check how much hot water you use prior you go for shopping. Another consideration which you have to think is features of the solar heater and price comparison. The company should be licensed, contain sufficient amount of experience in fitting the system and to maintain the system properly. Check the customer reviews of the company, building code needs and safety problems. A proper licensed firm can offer this information for the consumer. Proper maintenance should be done by the user between three to five years.

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