The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Solar Water Heater

Plumber Mosman Advantages and Disadvantages

Some of you might be planning on hopping on the trend of installing solar water heaters as your primary heating system. But before you plan on buying one, you must first check its perks as well as its downsides to give you a clearer picture about this equipment. Read more of the article to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of using a solar water heater.

It’s More Practical in the Long Run

Installing and purchasing a solar water heater is very expensive, but it can actually become more economical in the long run. Think about it, this heating equipment can significantly reduce your utility bills each month, which is a large sum of money. Both natural gas and electricity-powered water heaters can become expensive in the long term due to its increasing cost and rate. In fact, here at Australia, you can even get financial incentive for using renewable and clean energy sources!

Low Maintenance

Unlike most water heating equipment out there, solar water heaters don’t require much maintenance. You don’t even have to touch or maintain anything for a long period of time after its set-up is finished. The maintenance is even simple that anyone with a DIY approach can do it themselves. The low maintenance requirement is all thanks to the simple yet innovative panel technology of the heating system.

Can’t be Affected by Fuel Shortage or Power Outage

It’s not all the time that natural gas is available in your area or electricity is always running. Whenever such crisis happens, you won’t have anything to fuel your water heater if it’s powered by gas or electricity. Of course it’s a different case for solar powered heaters as the sun is a free and unlimited energy source. Even with fuel shortages or power outages, your solar water heater will still function.

Environment-Friendly Solution

Most water heaters have a negative impact to the environment due to the burning of fossil fuels and constant consumption of energy. Solar water heating on the other hand is one of the few equipment that’s innovative, efficient, and friendly to the environment.


  • Restricted in Some Areas
  • Unfortunately, not everyone can install a solar heater in their house or building due to local civic regulations. To be more specific, it’s about the weight restrictions on the roof of the buildings as well as being an earthquake hazard.

  • Not Very Effective in Areas that Don’t Have Much Sunlight
  • It’s pretty obvious that solar water heaters won’t be effective in places that have little sunlight the whole year round. If your area doesn’t have much sunlight then you’re better off using other water heater types. It’s a waste of money installing a solar water heater in a region that is not abundant with sunlight.

  • Hard Water Can Damage Solar Water Heaters
  • All plumbing equipment–especially water heaters–is prone to damage from hard water. The inner part of the solar collector can erode from continuous exposure to hard or acidic water. You should add a water softening system to lessen the content of hard water.

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