Tankless Hot Water Systems: 12 Maintenance Tips

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Minerals can be accumulated and built up over time and may erode the heating chamber walls of the tank. This suggests for proper maintenance and clean-up of the tankless water heating system so as not to disrupt its operation. Experts recommend that mineral deposits should be flushed and removed from the tank at least once in a year. Maintain your water heater through the following guidelines.

    1. Find the power source of your tankless water heating system and turn it off. Turn off the circuit breaker or shut off the main gas for the electrical devices.

    2. Close and shut off the water valves attached to the heating system so that cold water will not flow into the heater and the hot water will not flow when it is cleaned. Note that the valves are intended for cold water, hot water and one that runs water into the house.

    3. Slowly remove the caps of the purge port valve from the purge valves on each of the hot water and cold valves. This will help relieve pressure inside the valves and prevent skin contact to the hot water. Make sure to accurately and completely shut off the hot water valve, as there might be pressure when the purge port valve caps are removed.

    4. Attach the hosing lines to every valve. See to it that the hosing lines of your heater are long enough to connect the bucket and the water heater. You may either consult the manual of your heater or directly contact the manufacturer for proper instructions. You may also use sump pump and then connect hoses to discharge and flush the heater’s water with hot and cold water valves.

    5. Twist the purge port valves perpendicularly to the position of the hot and cold valves to open.

    6. Clean your tankless heating system with undiluted white vinegar all the time instead of using the chemical solutions. Chemical cleaning solutions can be very dangerous to one’s health considering tankless water heating unit as the primary source of bathing and drinking water at home.

    7. Flush and drain the heater according to the directions provided by the manufacturer of your unit. This procedure can actually be completed in 45 minutes only.

    8. Twist the T-shaped handles after flushing your tank to close the purge port valves.

    9. Disconnect the hosing lines and remove them from each of water valve.

    10. The purge port valve caps of your system must be replaced onto the purge valves. See to it that the caps are completely and firmly tightened without having to break its rubber sealing discs found inside the caps.

    11. Re-start the water heater safely by rotating and opening the hot and cold water valves.

    12. Slowly turn on your hot water tap so that the air can pass through your pipe. Continue doing this until the water runs steadily.

Caution should always be considered when using hot water system as the water can become excessively hot.

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