Replacing Shower Plumbing Fixtures

Shower fixtures can get clogged with sediment brought be hard water or just become worn out after years of use, resulting in a spray that goes to a lot of places as well as weak water pressure. Fortunately, by running quickly to the hardware store to get the tools and supplies that you need and following the steps below, you can replace broken shower fixtures without the help of a plumber.

    1. Get a pair of groove lock pliers. Look for the nut on top of the shower head and adjust the tool carefully so that it is not hard to turn the nut in a counter-clockwise direction. The nut should be loosened until the shower head can be easily removed from the pipe connecting it. Set it aside afterwards.

    2. The pipe where the shower head should be placed will have threads similar to those found on other plumbing fixtures. Check for any dirt on it, and if you find any, get a wire brush and clean the pipe with it. If needed, mineral remover and lime can be applied to it.

    3. Once the threads are clean, wrap them with many Teflon tape layers. Four layers of tape, all correctly tightened, should be enough. The tape helps attach your new shower head, thus helping to create a much better seal.

    4. You should then attach your new shower head to the threads, making sure to attach the nut by hand afterwards. Pay attention to whether you need to place a rubber washer between the pipe and the shower head.

    5. Make sure to use a pair of pliers in tightening the nut until it no longer moves. Avoid tightening too much or you end up breaking the nut and threads.

    6. Switch the shower on and let water flow from the shower head, making sure to look for leaks as the water flows out. If needed, you may have to remove and reapply (and retighten) the tape you applied to the threads.

For shower fixtures which have both a shower head and hose, just follow all the steps given above to have the hose attached to the water source, and then do the same when connecting the shower head with the hose.

You may find plumbing problems while replacing shower fixtures. If you do, contact a plumber for help right away. Hire only licensed, skilled, and well-equipped plumbers to help you out.

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