Important Facts about Heat Pump Water Heaters that you should know before buying one

plumbermosman water pump Heat pump water heaters (HPWH) are part of new and modern popular heating systems like gas heaters, solar-powered heaters, etc. Just like its family of heating equipment, heat pump systems are designed to be efficient in consuming energy while still producing ample water for the household’s need. Whenever the owner feels like that they need more hot water, they can adjust the setting of the heating equipment to boost hot water production. Indeed, HPWH does have a lot of benefits but it also has its own drawbacks. Before buying this heating equipment, here are some important facts that you should know about it.

  • Efficient but has a slow recovery rate

Because HPWH makes use of the heat of the air around the tank, it doesn’t need much electricity or any other fuel source to generate hot water. Naturally, the lower your energy or fuel consumption, your expenses are also reduced. When it comes to water heating systems, you will definitely save a lot of cash if it’s energy-efficient. In addition, homeowners can set their preferred running period of the heating equipment. Efficiency does have a cost when it comes to HPWH since it suffers from a slow recovery rate. The slow recovery can be remedied by using boost mode to increase hot water production, but keep in mind that this will also increase the energy used. When you purchase HPWH, you might as well purchase models with the biggest tank if you have a large number of people in your household in order to have ample hot water supply even though the recovery rate is slow.

  • It’s still effective even on some areas that have cold temperature

A common misconception with HPWH is that it won’t be effective during cold season since the air temperature is obviously lower than usual. However, the heating system is still functional even with temperatures that are 263K. You see, HPWHs can still produce hot water with temperatures ranging from 263K to 316K. If you plan on installing this heating system but noticed that the temperature in your area is below 263K most of the time, then you might as well consider other heating systems.

  • The heating equipment can be noisy

HPWH can become a noise machine because of its large fans and compressors. If you plan on buying this heating system be sure that the room it’s installed is soundproof so that you won’t suffer from the loud noise it can create. Some homeowners setup their HPWH in the basement but can still hear the sounds of the water heater due to improper acoustic structure of the house. Purchasing HPWH will definitely force you to create extra plans with its installation due to its large structure and noise production.

  • The basic cost of the heating equipment is high

HPWHs are notorious for its expensive machinery cost. It’s actually more costly to purchase and install than most water heating systems out there. If you want to buy one but have trouble with your finances then maybe it’s not the right time since its way too expensive. Also, you need to be sure to purchase the best HPWH models to have a high quality system, and these units tend to be more costly than its standard versions.

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