How to Fix a Leaking Hot Water System

rusted hot waterExperiencing leaks on your water tank? You should deal with this without further delay. Oftentimes, leaking water tank can be resolved through easy, simple do-it-yourself methods. Below are some of the common issues associated with water leaks in tank along with their cures.

Leaking Tank Overflow

A faulty ball cock or float operating valve is considered as a common cause of a leaking overflow on tank. His can be fixed cost-effectively through valve replacement. The smart way to fix this is through the complete replacement of the valve for a good guarantee as well.

Leaking Water Tank Hole

The overflow in your water tank results in leaks at the inlet valve hole. Another reason for the leak is the high water pressure. If this happens to you, you need to call an emergency plumber. If the problem becomes complicated, it would be best to reduce the pressure on the valve or tank.

Leaking Isolation Valve Connected to the Ball Cock

The leak in the isolation valve that is linked to the ball cock or float operating valve is associated with the ball washer or the fibre washer within the isolation valve. Replacement of the washer will be the best solution for this as the water is isolated by the fibre washer. Another method to be done is through main water stopcock turn-off.

Pipework Leak Near Water Storage Tank

Cold weather caused by location may lead to a leaking pipe in the water tank. This problem can be fixed by ensuring that all pipes are fully lagged and not usually at open air. You would have better opportunity to the future as you spend more time on lagging due to cold weather. Other factors of the leaking pipes include wear and tear and knock over time. It would be imperative to thoroughly clean the pipes when the plumber fits the pipework.

Split Leaking Water Tank

Use silicone known as Plumbers Gold whenever you found a split in your tank and would want to fix it temporarily. The silicone helps stop the leaking underwater as well as its setting.

Pipe Over Tank Water Leaks

Prevent water from leaking in the pipe over your tank through proper central heating maintenance by do-it-yourself plumbers. You may have to replace your water tank’s thermostat when the heat stat fails to work properly on your central heating system and when the venting is out. This approach may require a plumber or a gas safe register engineer depending on the heating stat’s location.

Tank Outlet Joint Leak

You should fully drain and inspect your tank when there is a leak at the pipework’s connection to the water tank. The best thing you can do here is to let a qualified plumber replace the outlet joint completely.

Gate Valve Leaks

An emergency plumber may have to be called if you encounter leaking gate valve due to weak fibre washer. Replacing the gate valve may always be a good idea for this as well.

Unless you have proper knowledge and skills on dealing with these leak-associated problems in your water tank, you may spare yourself from calling a professional plumber and save significant amount for repair costs.

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