Everything You Need to Know about Heat Pump Water Heating Systems

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Switching to new and innovative water heating systems is a smart move since it does provide a lot of benefits. Besides, old water heaters are obsolete and have often poor quality compared to its modern versions. For those of you who plan on getting a new water heater, you should take a look at heat pump water heating systems. Of course you need to know more about this plumbing fixture which is why this article will discuss everything you need to know about heat pump water heating systems.

How does it work?

The process of heating water in a heat pump system is basically a reverse refrigerator. The heat pump captures the heat outside and transfers it into the tank in order to heat the water with the use of a evaporator and compressor technology. There are even heat pump heating units that can be integrated with other water heaters like solar-powered units to generate more hot water.  

What are the benefits of using this heating system?

  • Very efficient in energy usage

A lot of people are using tankless water heaters since it is more efficient in its energy usage than traditional heating units. However, little do people know that heat pumps are far more energy-efficient than tankless systems. This is because heat pumps make use of the heat of the surrounding air instead of using electricity, natural gas, or other fuel sources–eliminating the need for massive energy consumption. The heating system of this water heater is also optimal for floor space heating, Jacuzzi, hot tubs, and even swimming pools.

  • Can provide hot water immediately

One of the oldest problems with some water heating equipment is that you need to wait for the unit to heat the system if there is no hot water readily available. But with heat pump water heaters, hot water is immediately provided whenever a tap, showerhead, or any other plumbing fixture is used, making it very convenient for the homeowner.

  • Operation cost is very low

Earlier in the article, it’s mentioned that the heat pump system doesn’t make use of typical fuel sources, this also has an added effect as it also minimises the need for spending money on energy sources like electricity, natural gas, etc.

What are the problems you encounter in using this heating system?

  • It takes a lot of space

The heat pump tank is larger than usual water heater tanks, and it even takes more space for its exterior components. You really need to allocate a big space for this equipment, which requires more planning and proper siting.

  • It is very expensive

There is no question that the benefits this heating system can provide are astounding and many, but it can be way too expensive. If you have trouble with your finances right now, you might want to delay purchasing this water heater since the unit and installation are pricey.

  • Temperature is a factor

Heat pump water heaters have backup heating in case the temperature drops, but for extremely cold areas, its efficiency and function is greatly reduced. Using the backup heating all the time causes strain to the machine, so you might want to consider using other water heaters if your country has low temperature most of the time or all year round.

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