6 Factors to be Considered When Purchasing a Hot Water System

Hot water system tends to go wrong suddenly with a whimper, a bang, or a flood. This can be an emergency case that careful review of any available options would not be possible unless you opt for a cold shower more than a hot shower. You may resort to have your system replaced as soon as possible. However, the negative tendency here is when you miss out a better or even the best product. Below are some tips you may consider to own the best water heater unit.

  1. Getting the same water heater. Typically, a quarter of household energy use is accountable to water heating. This makes your hot water use worth reviewing before your present system stops functioning and then check for any alternatives. It would be better should you get a hot water system that saves you money and energy and one that is environmentally friendly.
  2. Making decision in selecting the right, best hot water system. You have to consider the heating method of your unit: whether solar, gas, electricity, or heat pump.
  • Solar – This heater comes with a storage tank and solar collector panels. Properly selected system pays for itself because of its low running costs, although it is time-consuming and expensive.
  • Gas – This heater is a good option provided that you have connection for it. It has the capability to heat just enough water since gas rates do not vary throughout the day. You may also use a liquid petroleum gas bottle as an alternative to natural gas.
  • Electric – A storage tank system that is electrically heated is relatively less expensive to purchase and install, but most expensive to operate. This system can be installed either outdoors or indoors.
  • Heat Pump – This system is more efficient and works based on the same principle as that of an air conditioner or fridge. It has to be installed in an area that is well ventilated. It functions best in temperate and warm regions.
  1. Deciding whether to go for a water system that continuously heats water or one with a storage tanks.
  • Continuous Flow – This water heater is also called instantaneous as it only heats enough water. It usually uses gas along with electric models. It is cheaper to operate when compared to a storage system.
  • Storage Tank – This tank is being used by most solar, gas, electricity and heat pump. The best type of tank for you would depend on your local water quality.
  1. Choosing the best brand. Find the brands, which are most dependable, those that give you the best service on after-sales and those that are satisfactory to you.
  2. Determining the right size of household and the use of water. Contact a heater system supplier to conduct an analysis of your own home and your water consumption and give recommendations.
  3. Considering the energy star rating of the heater. Gas hot water system has star rating labels for energy efficiency.

Make sure you have all these pointers with you the next time you buy a hot water system or unit.

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