5 Pointers When Buying a New Water Heater

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It might be a while since you purchased a new water heater. You may be confused with the new types of heating systems available. You shouldn’t be reckless in selecting a new heating system. Don’t just buy a heating system just for the sake of replacing your old or damaged unit. Here’s a simple but concise guide that you can use when looking for a new water heater.

1. Know your budget and what you want

It’s no use if you can find a water heater but don’t have the cash to buy one. You need to be honest with your budget when buying a heating system. You should make a budget plan before your current water heater is past its lifespan. If you’re having trouble with money, you should go with a more affordable heating system. Just save to purchase an energy-saving heating system in the future. We highly recommended you purchase an energy-efficient water heater if you can afford it.

2. Be familiar with the types of water heater

There are plenty of modern water heaters that have energy-saving features. You can also find types that aren’t energy-efficient but have very low installation cost. Keep in mind that some water heaters may have additional cost besides the installation. For example: tankless units may have an added price tag for retrofitting. Your plumbing system might not be suitable for a tankless unit which is why it should be retrofitted. The type of water heater you will be purchasing will depend on your needs and of course — budget. Generally, most energy-efficient water heaters have expensive installation cost; however, their energy-saving feature allows you to save money from utility expenses. Try to familiarise with the different types of water heaters. This help you come up with a better decision on what type of heating system to buy.

3. Capacity should also be prioritised

You shouldn’t just focus on the type and energy-efficiency but the capacity as well. You will be just wasting money if you purchase an energy-saving unit that won’t meet the hot water demands of your household. Units that have large gallons are suitable for those who have a large family or have many members in the house. These large units will ensure that there is enough hot water for everyone in the home. Small gallon water heaters are perfect for those who only have 1-3 people in their household.

4. Find a unit that has a long warranty

Another important thing that should be considered is warranty. Homeowners often forget this important feature. Always check the warranty years of the heating unit you plan on purchasing. Some manufacturers cover three years of warranty while others go up to 12 years. It’s always recommended to go with the one that has the longest warranty.

5. Fuel type

Water heaters require different types of fuel to heat water. We suggest that you use a fuel source that’s easy to obtain in your area. The fuel source will greatly depend on what type of water heater you have

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