5 Common Household Problems with Hot Water Systems

For countries with four seasons (winter, summer, spring, autumn), like Australia, installing hot water systems is a must. This comes in handy especially during cold weather conditions. Like any other appliances installed in a household, a hot water system is also prone to wear and tear.

Find out the common problems every household can encounter when using hot water systems.

Only Hot Water or Cold Water is Functioning (not both)

  • Check if the hot water system is plugged into the right electric socket.
  • See if it has enough voltage.
  • Check the power button. Is it turned on?
  • Check the switch, does it point to the right function (hot or cold)?
  • Wait for a few minutes to get the right temperature.

Cold Water is Running When Hot Water Function is Pressed, Vice Versa

  • Check if the water isolation valve is not damaged.
  • Did you really select the appropriate button?

Inconsistent Temperature Reading

  • Check if the temperature valve is not damaged.
  • Check the gas supply.
  • Check the anode.
  • Wait for the timer.
  • Did you set the correct thermostat setting?

No Water Flowing

  • Check your water supply.
  • Is the hot water system connected to the correct pipe?
  • Are there any leaks in other water systems in the building?
  • Is the tank leaking?

Hot Water is Too Hot

  • Double check if you have selected the appropriate temperature.
  • Check if the temperature control button is not damaged.
  • Sometimes, when we are too eager to get hot water, we tend to increase the temperature when we don’t feel the heat quickly. Please be careful as this can burn your skin. Wait for a little longer while the system is still preparing to increase the temperature of the water inside the tank.

Discoloured Water

  • Check if there are no corrosions forming inside the water tank.
  • Check if the other water outlet if it has the same problem. It might be from the main water system.

Water Dripping from the Tank

  • Replace the tank. It’s best if you contact the supplier of the hot water system and ask for assistance.
  • It’s normal to experience leaks for hot water system that has been installed for more than a year.

Preventive Tips

To avoid future problems, check out some tips on how to properly maintain your hot water system.

  1. Check if the temperature and pressure relief valves are working.
  2. Have a regular check-up for cracks or wear and tear in your hot water system.
  3. Ask a plumbing expert on the anodes of the hot water system.
  4. Constantly check for gas leaks (especially for those who are using gas heaters).
  5. Prior to purchasing a hot water system, make sure to know if it has service warranties.

Always remember to take good care of your hot water system as it may cause accidents if not used properly. Do not try to fix broken hot water system on your own. It is not as simple as it may sound. Always contact plumbing experts to avoid further damages.

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