4 Most Common Kinds of Anode Rods used with Water Heater

plumbermosman water heater rodThere are a lot of important parts inside the tank of a water heater; one of which is the anode rod. This metallic cylinder helps protect the other parts of the heating system from rusts. The anode rod sacrifices itself and attracts all the corrosion process in the storage tank. It’s important to check your anode rod occasionally if it has been heavily corroded or not, and if it has rusted, be sure to replace it immediately. If you plan on replacing your anode rod, you may want to check out its various types and find one which will best suit your needs.

  • Magnesium Anode Rod

A lot of water heaters today are pre-installed with magnesium anode rod. Many manufacturers are using this type since it does a good job in preventing corrosion from happening in the tank. However, the problem with installing magnesium anode rod is that it can dissolve or corrode easily, which means you may need to replace more times than other types of anode rods out there. Furthermore, if the water in your area has hard water (water that has high concentration of mineral) then your magnesium anode rod will corrode faster than usual, making it very costly due to the frequent replacement.

  • Aluminium Anode Rod

If you want to use a more conventional material then aluminium anode rods is your best option. Old water heater models usually have this type of anode rod installed in their storage tanks. Using aluminium rod may be old, but it’s still effective today in keeping corrosion away from the heating system. In fact, it’s mostly used in areas that have hard water since aluminium doesn’t corrode easily compared to magnesium. There are some health issues in using aluminium thought, especially its effects on drinking water so you might want also to consider that. Because of the said health concerns in using aluminium, a lot of water heater manufacturers are now using alternatives.

  • Zinc Anode Rod

This anode rod isn’t purely made of zinc since it has more aluminium than actual zinc, making it some sort of mixed metal anode rod. One of its unique features is that it’s able to lower or completely eliminate the sulphur odour that are very prevalent in some types of water heating system. Zinc can kill off the bacteria found in the water heater that’s causing the production of sulphur and other vile chemical reactions inside the tank.

  • Combination Anode Rod

This is a special type of anode rod that’s mixed with different types of metal such as aluminium zinc and tin. Combination anode rods can lower the growth of bacteria in the water heater, and it’s also effective in keeping corrosion away because of its aluminium. However, there is a bit of aluminium content in the anode rod. Furthermore, these types of rods are usually expensive due to the numerable amount of metals that are combined into one metallic cylinder. To get a more in-depth analysis and better suggestions, ask help from your local plumber or selected water heater service specialist.

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