4 Major Considerations When Buying Water Heaters


A water heater is an essential in every household. It provides hot water for cooking, bathing, cleaning and for heating your home. In order for you to choose the right one for your family, you must look for the following considerations to guide your decisions:

Efficiency. The first thing you should take note when choosing a new water heater is the efficiency of it. An efficient water heater helps conserve energy more than anything. The energy efficiency of a water heater depends on the rate of the energy factor. If the energy factor is higher, this means that the efficiency of the water heater is greater.

Recovery Rate. Another thing to consider is to know how many gallons of water can the water heater heat in an hour – at most. In this way, you will know the recovery rate of the water heater for your family’s convenience. If you think that you have a higher demand for hot water, choose one that has a high recovery rate also.

Tank Size. The amount of water gallons a tank can store is necessary when buying a storage tank water heater because there are water heaters that doesn’t need tanks. The tank size is an important factor to consider as it holds the gallons of water you will be using at home.

Family Size. The number of people in your family matters for the efficiency, tank size and recovery rate of your water heater. The more people, the more hot water is needed. You can’t certainly use a water tank than is only for 5 people if you are a dozen in the family. The ratio of the available hot water to the user is a great issue to avoid inconvenience in the household.

Choosing a water heater is like applying the law of supply and demand. You first have to know the demand of the hot water in your household so that the supply will be enough for your family.

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