3 Possible Causes of Hot Water Shortage

plumber mosman 3 Possible Causes of Hot Water Shortager

Water heaters have given so much comfortability and convenience to many homeowners. They heats water and are the primary reasons why hot water shower has been made possible. It is just so annoying to run out of hot water during a relaxing hot bath. You need to wash yourself off with chilly water while you wonder what had happened. Well there are really many reasons why your domestic hot water is not enough. Some reasons might be water heater failure but sometimes it is because of the water heater’s capacity.

Here are the reasons why you usually run out of that precious hot water you badly needed for a lovely bath.

1. Water Heater Size

When you opt for storage tank water heaters, they store hot water to supply the demanded hot water for the whole family. Make sure to choose the tank size that would contain enough water for your family needs. If your water heater tank is too small, you might run out of hot water in the middle of your precious bath. The water heater would heat water again, but it would take time. Sometimes, especially if you are in a hurry, you would need to finish your bath with the use of chilly water which many people hate the most.

2. Sediment Build up

When it is hard water that is running through your water pipes at home and is also used for water heating, it will not only endanger your water heater’s life but reduces your water heater tank’s capacity as well. This water is accompanied with minerals such as calcium and magnesium. When sediments of these minerals settle in the bottom of your water heater tank, they would act as insulators trapping the heat that is supposed to heat the contained water, thus water heaters won’t be able to provide hot water. This is why there is completely no hot water coming out from your hot water shower head.

When sediment build up has occupied too much space in your water tank, water can no longer get in, that would be the reason why you would have hot water in the beginning of your bath but you would then lose it before you finishes. To get rid of this dilemma, flush your water heater tank often to remove all the sediment that settles at the bottom of your water tank.

3. Pilot Light Gone Off

Some homeowners in the modern days, still utilizes gas-powered water heaters instead of electric water heaters. When you’ve got a big water heater tank and you often flush your water tank to remove sediment build up but still runs out of hot water, then the problem might already be with the water heater’s element. When you discovered that your pilot light is off, you would then need to turn it back on. If your pilot light is off, your water heater would not be able to perform its task which is to heat water and supply it to the whole family for domestic use.

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