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Dangerous Hot Water System Mosman

Water was dripping from the Hot Water Tank and the pavers in the area were constantly covered in green moss. Ben decided the only way to fix the problem was to block off the running water. He tried placing abucket under the leak but that didn’t stop it. He threw some sand on the ground hoping it would soak up some of the water but that failed to do anything.

He could not understand why the water was leaking. The hot water tank was not very old and this tap was constantly dripping. He thought that he would call a plumber to see if the tap could be capped off to stop wasting water and energy.

He searched the internet and found Your Neighbourhood Plumber in Mosman. He explained the problem to the plumber so he knew exactly what to expect when he arrived. The plumber also explained how dangerous it would have been to cap off the TPR as it was a pressure relief valve, if you don’t allow the tank the ability to release the pressure it could potentially burst.

When the Mosman Plumber arrived Ben took him around the side of the house to show him the leaking hot water tank. The plumber was surprised to see that it had been leaking constantly for so long.

He asked Ben if he knew what the tap was actually for. Ben had to admit he was not sure and if it was not leaking he probably would not have noticed it. A TPR is a temperature Pressure Relief valve. If the hot water tank builds up with pressure the TPR valve is a relief device. By having a TPR valve fitted to the tank you can prevent possible tank ruptures from a build-up of pressure or excessively hot water.

The Plumber looked at the valve and tried to release it, it failed the test so he determined it was faulty and needed replacing. He had one on his truck so he was able to replace it that afternoon. Ben said he had considered capping the valve off to stop it leaking. The plumber assured him that would have been very dangerous and he did the right thing calling him to have a look a it.

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