Water Treatment Systems that You Might Want Consider Installing in Your House

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Not all water supplies are the same. Some regions may have less water contaminants than others. It’s a given fact that a public water supply will always have certain impurities or components that can be distinguished by the taste, colour, and mineral content of the water. Fortunately there are some water treatment procedures that help filter out the contaminants and substances that are present in the water supply. Below are some of the water treatment systems that you should consider installing in your house.

Water Softening System

If you live in a region where the water supply has high mineral content (or better known as hard water), then you will have some trouble with your plumbing fixtures. Hard water can accumulate on your plumbing appliances like faucets, showerheads, and even your water heater. The lime scale build-up can cause clogs and to some extent, damage your plumbing fixtures. To remove the mineral concentration of your water supply, you need to set up a water softening system. The water softener will eliminate the minerals of the water that enters your household plumbing.

Reverse Osmosis

Water softening may get rid of a few minerals in the water, but reverse osmosis is much better as it completely removes all the mineral content as well as a few pollutants, while only keeping the H2O molecules. The water undergoes a process in which the water is constantly forced to a semi-permeable Reverse Osmosis Membrane, which in turn, expels the minerals.

Some of you may be thinking why not everyone uses reverse osmosis instead of water softening. The problem is that humans always have been drinking water that has mineral content. There might be detrimental effects if people are consuming water that has no minerals in the long run. Aside from that, water that has no minerals is acidic which can pose as a problem for some people.

Water Filter

For those who have soil, dirt, grime, odour, solids, and other rubbish in their water line, you need to install a water filter. As what you might have guessed, it filters out all the contaminants and unwanted matter in your water supply. Even if you don’t plan on using tap water as your drinking source, it’s still recommended to have a water filtration system in your house. This is because chemicals, metals, and bacteria found in the water can still affect your health even if it’s not ingested. The municipal water stations can’t immediately control all bacterial outbreak in the water supply so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Also, if you plan on setting up a water filtration system or already have one; make sure that you diligently maintain the equipment. A deficient water filter is no use as it can allow contaminants into your water inflow.

Chemical Feed Pump

Sometimes a water filter isn’t enough to get rid of various chemicals and pollutants in yourwater supply. If your water line is prone to oils, pesticides, and other chemical agents in the area, then your best defence against these impurities is with a chemical feed pump.

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