The Top 5 Reasons Why Your Toilet is Leaking

Among the various plumbing problems that occur in any household, leaking toilets are possibly one of the most common. It’s quite a hassle in fixing toilet leaks, and in some cases, a plumber is needed if the root of leakage is severe. There are many reasons why your toilet is leaking. Check them out below.

1.Overflow Tube Isn’t Working

In case of an overflow or massive water surge, an overflow tube can help control the sudden increased volume of water. However, if the overflow tube isn’t working or is just destroyed, there won’t be any mechanism left that will stop the overflow, which in turn, causes the toilet to have a heavy leakage.

2. Malfunctioning Float Valve

The float valve is another feature that helps prevent the toilet water from overflowing. It’s characterised by its ball-like figure. The float valve rises together with the water level in in order to stop an overflow. It should always be in good condition since if the valve is not working well, the water will run constantly and cause leakage. In the worst case scenario, the float valve will halt its functions and will result in an enormous water flow.

3.Oxidation and Corrosion

When there is corrosion, there will always be oxidation or rust. When the pipes of the toilet are corroded or are rusty, the linings become defective and cause leaks. Aside from that, the rusted metal residue that breaks away can block the pipe system. Causes of corrosion and oxidation are limited to pipe aging and exposure to strong chemicals from cleaners. This is really a tough and complex repair and you shouldn’t attempt to do it. Qualified plumbers have special tools, supplies, and knowledge that can fix this problem.

4.Damaged/Cracked Parts

The common parts that can be damaged and cause toilet leakage are the tanks and bowls. Toilet tanks that are broken or cracked should be repaired immediately as the leakage can become unmanageable if left ignored. As a temporary fix, you can try turning off the toilet water supply to lessen the water coming out of the toilet. Just be sure to call emergency plumbing services after shutting down the toilet water supply line. The same thing with the cracked bowl; replace or repair it as soon as possible before it does further damage and waste water.

5.Broken or Degraded Connectors

Parts that connect the bowl and tank are prone to aging and degradation. The bolts, gaskets, and washers are susceptible to being worn and torn due to everyday usage. Of course, if these parts are destroyed or malfunctioning, toilet leaks can happen. Having frequent maintenance can help detect problems earlier with these toilet parts.

Seek Help from a Plumber

Knowing the exact cause of toilet leak is necessary so that you can take the ideal steps to lessen the leakage or to stop it completely. However, the downside with this approach is that it can take time–and a bit of trial and error may be required to find out the exact cause of the leakage. It’s best to contact emergency plumbing services for a hasty examination and repair. Always, turn off the main water supply line of the toilet before calling a plumber.

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