The Top 5 Dangers of a Plumbing Job


Plumbing may be the last occupation in your mind that serves as one of the most dangerous in the world. The general of mindset of people when it comes to plumbers is that they fix clogs and regularly handle filthy work. However, plumbers are always prone to hazards due to the nature of the work. Here are the dangers of a plumbing job.

1.Physical stress

Kneeling and doing uncomfortable positions may seem as another day for a plumber but this type of physical repetitive motion can have negative effects in the long term. Body ache, awful posture and cramps are just a few results of continuous physical stress. The most affected areas of a plumber’s body are the lower back, hamstrings, and core muscles. This is why it’s recommended for plumbers to do stretching exercises regularly.

2.Exposure to dangerous chemicals

Plumbers are exposed to hazardous chemicals when doing fixture repairs, especially drain cleaning. Most of the cases of chemical exposure involve chemical drain cleaners that have accumulated in the pipeline. When a plumber is unclogging a drain, the chemical build-up may burst and go straight through their eyes. Plumbing safety procedures always urge plumbers to wear eye protection in order to avert this type of accidents.

3.Exposure to diseases

Those who have to work on sewer lines or constantly have toilet work are very much prone to diseases. Not only that, basement floods can also harbour multitude of pathogens since flood waters carry sewage into the basement. Human waste, rodent waste, unsanitary needles, and expired chemicals are among the most hazardous rummage a plumber can face. Multiple infections are present in these wastes which makes plumbing a very dangerous job. Vaccinations and frequent health tests are undergone by plumbers who are constantly exposed to hazardous plumbing jobs. Proper covering such as boots, respiratory covers, and long sleeves should be observed when doing this line of work.

4.Mould Infestations

It’s not just the sewer line and filthy toilets that a plumber must be aware of but mould infestations as well. This fungus is actually dangerous, especially in massive outbreaks. The toxins present in its spores can harm the nervous system, cause allergies, and many more. Constant ingestion or inhalation to moulds can cause sickness to anyone. These mould growths are very much present in damp bathrooms that haven’t been cleaned as well as ignored pipe water leaks. Moulds inhabit surfaces that always have abundant moisture. Plumbers must wear respirators in dealing with severe moulds.

5.Flame Hazard

Plumbing work doesn’t just involve pipe systems; there are plumbing jobs that don’t involve water-related work such as gas line installation and repairs. A faulty gas line that is under replacement or repair can be the cause of a massive explosion if there are many flammable items near the line. This is something that can happen to plumbers who constantly fix gas lines. They need to be vigilant and must be always be on the lookout for flammable objects near the gas line.

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