Saving Your Plumbing From the Damaging Effects of Earthquakes

Earthquakes happen all of a sudden. Although you can somehow protect your house’s plumbing system from their harmful effects through the installation of things like seismic strapping and gas shutoff valves, not every component will be protected. In fact, a few leaks should be expected afterwards. As such, you need to do a few things to save your plumbing once the shaking stops.

1. Look for leaks
Once you have checked for hazards inside and outside your home or property and that it is safe to enter it, check for signs of leaks. Aside from looking for water spraying from pipes and pools of water on the floor, pay attention to dripping sounds and check the water pressure in all your taps and shower heads.

2. Find out if sewer lines are not damaged
Before you use any part of your plumbing, you have to ensure that every sewer pipe is in perfect condition. Although sewer pipes are designed to be able to withstand several blows, earthquakes are very powerful, and the shaking can cause them to crack or even collapse. Damaged sewer lines cause dirty water to flood different parts of your property and contribute to the spreading of diseases.

Some signs that your sewer pipes are damaged include:

  • Raw sewage on the ground
  • The smell of sewage coming from any part of your property
  • At times, however, signs of damaged sewer pipes do not manifest immediately after an earthquake. Other than the signs stated above, other signs you need to watch out for in the days to come are:

  • Soggy portions of the lawn
  • Your water bill suddenly rising
  • Cracks along floors, foundations, and walls
  • Water stains near the basement floor drain
  • If you notice any of these signs or believe your sewer pipes are damaged, call a reputable plumbing company immediately, preferably one that operates on a 24/7 basis. Not only will they fix the broken sewage pipes, they will also check other parts of the plumbing system of your property and fix anything broken.

    3. Check for gas leaks
    Walk around your home and smell the air as you do so. As soon as you smell the scent of rotten eggs, open a window and get out of there right away! Once at a safe spot outside your house, call an emergency plumber right away.

    Some of the damage that earthquakes cause to the plumbing systems of both residential and commercial properties is not immediately obvious. However, by doing these things, they can be found and fixed right away.

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