Mains Water Booster Pump

Having low water pressure at home is a common problem, but can be easily fixed. When you dread having your husband play handyman at home, there is a cheaper, safer, and more practical solution such as Mains Water Booster Pumps. But there are some things you have to make sure of before installing the pump. Make sure that all your pipes are not clogged and get a water pressure reading from your local water department. If you’re reading is below 40 psi, which is the standard pressure, you should consider having the water pressure booster system installed.


There are some municipalities that need a reduced pressure and also backflow preventer to be installed when you have the water pressure booster installed, so check with your local water department first. These systems may range from about $300 – $450 and installation may take a day or two. Yes, it may cost a chunk, but that’s a good price for good running water in your house. Check the system settings that are just about 80 psi or below because although the pressure can be regulated, any stronger pressure may wear out any washers in your pipes and therefore compromise your whole fixtures. If you’re thinking about installing it yourself, you should then get a plumbing permit so that your work may be inspected.


Mains Water Booster Pump These pumps are safe as it does not affect other water lines in your vicinity and you can regulate the pressure accordingly for your need. Booster pumps may also be installed outside your house, ideal for garden and yard work. Just imagine trying to fill up your kid’s inflatable pool with your water running at 4l/min, that would take your whole Sunday afternoon or maybe into the evening. Having a good running in your home is a basic necessity for a home and installing a mains water booster pump is a practical solution when you’re living at the “house at the end of the street”.

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