How to Lower the Chances of Plumbing Emergencies

Plumber Mosman Lower chance of plumbing emergency

Plumbing emergencies such as bursting pipes and sewer backup are among the most disastrous problems you will ever face as a homeowner. Fortunately for you, a lot of plumbing companies are now adapting 24 hour emergency services so that customers will be able to access plumbing solutions any time of the day, no matter how tough the job is. To avoid major plumbing emergencies in the future, you need to be more careful in dealing with your fixtures and always follow a strict maintenance and cleaning regimen for your plumbing system.

1. Don’t Make your Garbage Disposal become the Main Trash Unit

A common plumbing emergency that occurs in many households is a drain or garbage disposal that has an enormous clog. Now this isn’t just any ordinary clog as usual plumbing tools for unclogging this mess are ineffective. Always keep in mind that the garbage disposal should only be reserved for certain food residue. Large food leftovers, grease, seeds, pasta-like food, and other items should not be placed into the disposal unit. Some of these food wastes may easily enter the drain but its ability to become an obstruction should not be ignored.

2. Leaking Plumbing Appliances

The leakage on your fixtures may seem small but this is actually a big problem. Your water supply will continually go through the leaks, losing litres of water. Now imagine that leak continually pouring and wasting water every single day. If that continues to happen, your water bills will definitely be higher than the last time. You should always consider leaks on the fixtures and even pipes in the plumbing system to be an emergency. In the event of water leaks in your household, you must turn off the main water valve before you contact a plumber. This means you need to where the main valve is located. Shutting down the water supply can help lessen the water lost from the leakage.

3. Get your Toilet Checked on Occasion

Perhaps the most panic-inducing plumbing emergency out there is an overflowing toilet. You really can’t blame people to be terrified when this sort of thing happens: all the toilet water and even the sewage waste are coming out of the toilet. To make matters even worse, the overflow has a fast surge and is flooding your entire bathroom.

If this plumbing nightmare ever happens to you, the first thing you should do is to turn off the main water shutoff. Keep in mind that this will only work if the problem is a clog in the toilet

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