Most Common Toilet Problems & Emergencies

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Aside from the sink, the toilet is among the plumbing fixtures that can be dreaded with multiple problems. Most of the issues are present among old or substandard toilets. Even brand new toilets have some problems due to damaged plumbing lines. Here are the most common toilet problems and emergencies, as well as some few tips on how to solve these issues.

Phantom flushes

If you noticed that your toilet is always filling with water even if it wasn’t flushed then it’s possible that it has a “phantom flush”. It’s actually just a water leak that is caused by a broken flapper. In order to confirm the leak, you can do a food colouring test. This is actually quite easy, just pour food dye into the tank and leave it for 10 minutes. The next step is to examine the water content of the bowl and see if it’s coloured or not. You will know that there is a leak if the food colouring appears in the bowl, and you will also need to replace the flapper since it’s broken.

The flush is weak

A lot of these problems happen mainly because the toilet unit is old. If you have a toilet that was made in 1994 to 1997 then you will definitely have problems with the flush of the toilet. It’s even worse for toilets that were manufactured way before 1994 since the jet hole or rims may have water deposits that make the flush weak. You can try fixing this but be warned that this is a risky solution since it involves muriatic acid. It’s much better if you just buy a new toilet instead of doing this method.

Combine the acid and 10 parts of water and pour a half of this mixture into the overflow tube. Wait for around 30 minutes and then flush the toilet. Be careful with the fumes since it’s very hazardous to your health. Wear covering for your eyes, hands, and mouth for protection against the acid. Another important thing, you should not use this method if you have a septic system since it can kill the bacteria that’s needed for it to function.

The tank takes too slow to fill

The shut off valve may be closed or severely damaged so be sure to check it out. If it’s greatly damaged then it must be replaced as soon as possible. The shut off valve controls the water flow, so if it’s partially closed then the water flow in the tank will be slower.

Slow flush

There is a great possibility that there is a clog that’s blocking the stream of the toilet. You can easily determine if there is a clog by using this method; fill a bucket and then throw the flush into the toilet quickly. If you notice that the flush is forceful then it’s not likely a clog, but if the water backs up and has a slow drain then is there definitely a clog. Use a plunger to unclog the toilet or a snake drain if the plunger doesn’t do the job.

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