9 Essential Tools for a DIY Plumbing Work

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Before rushing to your phone to call a professional plumber when problems arise in your water system, I think repairing the damage yourself when it isn’t that serious is a smart idea. Aside from the fact that it is economical, it can also prevent damage from getting worse. Sometimes, it is an advantage when you have the basic knowledge on how to deal with your plumbing system minor problems as well as the basic skill of repairing them. For practicality sake, it would be better to handle those problems on your own. Let me give you some idea on what are the tools you might need for your plumbing battle though this may differ on the kind of pipe you are working on.

    1. Full-length Protective Garment

      Because you are not a plumbing professional and has no ample experience in the field, minor accidents might happen. Investing for a cover-all would be a smart idea because giving priority to your safety has always been practical. Clothes may not be sufficient to protect you from unexpected contact with harmful material, this garment will protect not only your clothes but your skin as well.

    2. Tape Measure

      Tape measures are useful for plumbing too. To avoid money wastage, it would be better to know the exact measurements of your pipe before shopping and buying one of them. This applies so much on pipe diameters for connections and fittings.

    3. Plunger

      There are different moulds of plunger, and most of the time they are specially designed according to where they are used. You should invest one for your toilet and one for your sinks. It is not advisable to use a single plunger for the two.

    4. Wrench

      In plumbing, some fasteners are impossible to be fastened by our hands and so metimes unreachable too. Nuts and connections located behind sinks should be loosened and fastened with the help of wrenches. Basin wrenches and adjustable wrenches are commonly used for hard-to-reach areas.

    5. Hacksaw

      A good hacksaw can help you find it easy to cut metal pipes, nuts, plastic pipes and screws. They do come in different sizes, for easy and complicated repairs, it would be better to choose a big and a small one.

    6. Plumber’s Putty

      Plumber’s putty is a pliable substance usually activated by kneading two components together. This is the most handy and most accessible tools for plumbers. This is used to seal faucets and drains in a very easy and effortless way.

    7. Pipe Cutter

      This is a handy tool plumbers usually use to cut excess pipes. It is obvious that pipes coming from hardware stores do not always have the exact measurement you will need, thus cutting process is necessary. This is not only convenient and fast, it has also a clean and neat output.

    8. Metal File

      This is a handy tool with different teeth styles for a different work output. This is usually used by plumbers to smoothen newly cut edges. The cutting ridges of the metal file would remove burrs and prickles from the edge of a pipe.

    9. Thread Seal Tape

      It’s also known as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) film wrapped around pipe threads to secure it from water spillage and wastage. It is usually wounded and sold on a spool for plumbers to wind them easily around pipe threads.

Make sure to equip yourselves with the essential tools for you to be an effective plumber. It can give you knowledge and experience and can save your money from being spent and wasted just for a minor plumbing problem you know you are capable of solving.

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