6 Temporary Solutions for Pipe Leaks

Temporary Solutions for Pipe Leak

If ever a pipe leak happens in your home — whether it’s a massive leak or just minor drips — you need to have it fixed immediately. Some water line breakages have large cracks and cause a lot of water flowing out of the pipeline. You need to turn off the main water valve and then call an emergency plumber afterwards. In this way, you will be able to lower the water draining out of the cracks. While you wait for the plumber to arrive; you can use these temporary solutions to cover the cracks briefly.

  1. Epoxy clay for plumbing

For leaks that aren’t large and gaping; applying epoxy clay can get the job done. When you take out the clay from its container; make sure that you apply it as soon as possible while it’s still soft. Once the epoxy hardens; it will become very difficult to shape the epoxy and sticking it on the crack will be nearly impossible. Epoxy clay is best used for metallic pipes like cast iron and galvanised steel.

  1. Rubber couplings

These rubber links are suitable for joint leaks or cracks at the middle of the pipeline. Rubber couplings come in a variety of sizes so it’s best that you become familiar with the measurements of the pipelines. This will help you purchase the rubber coupling with the right size.    

  1. Pipe clamps

These clamps are massive metallic fasteners that can be used to temporarily stop a wide crack from spewing more water. Pipe clamps are very durable so you’re pretty much guaranteed the leak can be contained for a while. But no matter how effective pipe clamps can be in stopping a pipe leak; it’s still just a temporary solution and you need to get that pipe fixed.

  1. Repair sleeves

Repair sleeves are kind of the same with pipe clamps with its strong metal grip. However, the metallic sleeves are better fit for small pipe breakage due to the shorter range. They’re also suitable for leakage on the joint areas in the pipe system.   

  1. Pipe wraps

Many hardware shops sell pipe wraps for fixing leaks. It’s easy to use the pipe wraps but you do need to patch it on the right section to make it effective as a momentary fix for the leakage. What makes pipe wraps a great repair material is its versatility. It can be applied to any kind of pipe leak as long as you have enough wraps and efficiently cover the pipe with the wraps.


  1. Leakage is still happening…what should I do?

Be sure that while you’re using the solutions mentioned above; you place a large container right below where the leak is happening so that the water won’t spread. Don’t remove the container even after you’re done using whatever solution you selected since the bursts might happen again and the leaks will just continue. Furthermore, you need to make sure that the cracks are tightly sealed; whether you used pipe wraps, repair sleeves, or any other kind of material or equipment.  

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