5 Minor Plumbing Problems You Can Possibly Solve On Your Own

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No matter how well installed and maintained your plumbing system is, they will still experience plumbing plights, either minor or major dilemmas. This will cause them to decrease their structural performance and integrity as well as their service lifespan. Homeowners may experience plumbing problems anytime when we least expect them to arise. When these minor problems arise, most homeowners would rather deal with them on your own than calling an expert plumber. In this way, they can cut corners for expensive and costly service rates for minor and facile plumbing trouble. Here are the possible plumbing troubles you can solve on your own.

  1. Running toilet

Running toilet would drag your water bills higher if you don’t give them early remedies. When this problem arises, calling a professional to solve this problem for you wouldn’t be so wise as this is very facile that you can even solve this on your own. When your toilet does not behave after flushing them, maybe it is time to inspect and look into their inner workings. You can check the chain, the flapper, the float ball and the flush valve if they function properly as they are the primary reasons for running toilet if they don’t function as expected.

  1. Dripping taps

Taps are the most used appliance at home because they are very useful for everyday chores such as washing the dishes and cooking. And when they drip, it will not only drag your water bills higher, it can also create an annoying dripping sound that will disturb you, especially when you are sleeping. This problem might be caused by some loosened nuts and bolts within the tap mechanism and you would need to tighten them back. Sometimes, when the nuts and bolts are properly tightened, dripping taps may be caused by some worn out parts and you would need to replace them to regain its efficiency.

  1. Leaky pipes

Leaky pipes may be caused by the pipe’s deterioration due to old age but it is not impossible for them to happen to your new pipes as well. And when this problem arises, you can actually solve them on your own that directly calling a plumbing professional who would take much of your time waiting and your money for the service fee. You can utilise epoxy compounds to seal the leak, c-clamp, pipe wraps and repair sleeves to stop the flow of water.

  1. Low water pressure

When you turn on your taps and you found droplets of water instead of having them gushing, you are experiencing low water pressure. This might be caused by the mineral deposits that accompany your hard water which has accumulated your interior pipe walls, shower screens and aerators that trap the water and causes the low water flow. All you have to do is to clean them and remove the sediments to restore the flow of the water.

  1. Slow draining or clogged drains

Slow draining of your toilets, kitchen sinks and drains might be caused by your sewer lines that are partially blocked. You can remove the obstruction by snaking and clearing your sewer lines to get rid of slow draining. If you don’t pay attention to this dilemma immediately, you might suffer complete blockage in the future which would demand costly repair procedures.

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