5 Major Types of Hose Bibs


You probably don’t know but there are over 5 types of hose bibs you can choose from to install in your home. When you hear “hose bibs” the first thing that pops in your mind is a threaded tap utilised in fastening the garden hose to the tap to make cleaning the car, gardening, watering the lawn, and other things, easier. For every need there is a specific bib designed to best adapt and carry out the task. Here are five different kinds of hose bibs and their uses;

1. Old School Hose Bib (Non-Frost Free)
This type of bib is usually found in old houses. This normal-looking bib is nothing out of the ordinary, no features to set it apart from other designs. This kind of bib works like a charm over the non-cold days and seasons. But come winter, its biggest setback is that it is not frost proof. Better off; replace the old bib before the colds seasons arrive for a hassle-free winter.

2. Frost-free Hose Bib
This type of bib is most useful in homes with a climate below freezing point. These are usually found in external spigots. The design of this bib eliminates the need to shut off the main water supply. Its design keeps the water in the spigot from freezing when exposed to the weather. Using a hose bib that is not frost-free during winter will leave stagnant water on the spigot that will cause the pipe to burst when the water inside it freezes.

3. Loose Key Hose Bib
This bib features a loose key that can be attached and detached when you use the spigot for control on who uses the spigot. This is a good alternative when you are not the only one living or using the outdoor tap. The tendency of multiple users is that no one readily admits who used the fixture last. So, in cases of damage, you would not know who should shoulder the expenses. A person who does not have the key would not be able to use the tap. You can open the tap by inserting the key on the top of the tap. The key will then serve as the knob. Turn the key to your left to open the tap and let the water gush out.

4. Round Plastic Hose Bib
Commonly found in hose bibs for water heaters. Its convenience extends to letting the owner empty the water heater’s tank for cleaning, repair and replacements. Round plastic hose bibs are easily dismantled by turning it and jerking it to remove the parts.

5. Knobbed Hose Bib
This bib is much like the round plastic bib, also found in water heaters. This gives the owner the same convenience the round plastic hose bib does. It helps in draining the water easily out of the water heater tank during cleaning, repair and replacements. The only difference between the two bibs is the knob option. The round plastic hose bib has a circular knob on top of the tap while the knobbed hose bib has a floral-shaped knob for easy grip. To remove this bib, however, you will need a wrench.

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