4 Warning Signs of a Damaged Pipe

damaged pipe

All of the haywire pipe issues started to be a minor complication at first. These problems worsen due to lack of maintenance and weren’t repaired right away. When the problem exacerbates, most homeowners tend to put their undivided attention to it. However, this notion is wrong and should be changed. Pipe problems should always be detected at its earliest stage. It can be detected through the warning signs.

Banging and clanking

When you hear such disturbing sounds, they actually may be due to the pipes that bumped into each other. Typically, this happens when the pipes are loose because of the age of the pipe or the corrosion found in its joints. With this problem, it will cause pipe to deteriorate and wear out immediately. Moreover, it will take a little time for this loose pipe to crack and then leak. With this, if you’ll look closely, the problem is actually from one to the other. To make sure that avoid experiencing the same kind of situation again, inspect the pipe to detect any issue before it goes haywire.

Gurgling and bubbling noise

These disturbing sounds can all be caused by the cracks and small holes in your pipes. When all the aforementioned are present on your pipes, the air will have the chance to penetrate in the pipe and dwindle the passage of the water. Due to this, flowing water will have a hard time to pass through. If this problem isn’t repaired, the accumulation of water will lead the pipe system to burst and make further serious damage to the system. Lastly, if the air can’t find an exit point, this will cause gurgling and bubbling noises to happen.

Wet spots

If there are wet spots anywhere in your household, this is because of the pipes that are installed on the ceilings and on the walls. If you found in whitish and wet patches, this indicates that your pipe is damaged and needs to be fixed right away. This is also common to those pipes located in your basement. These means that your pipes carrying clean water and wastewater have little cracks. Due to the cracks, a little amount of water is seeping out of it. Obviously, to avoid the problem to exacerbate, it should be given attention right away.

Foul smell

If think that the disturbing smell is coming from your drains and it’s surrounding all over your bathroom and sink, this is a warning sign that the pipeline is cracked and damaged. Moreover, another factor that precipitates that problem is because of the blockages that got stuck and causes the backups to happen. Typically, the disturbing smell is coming from the wastewater and by-products that were not transported into the pipe system. If the problem is not repaired immediately, the smell will pose harm to your health. To put an end to the issue, try to use a CCTV camera to inspect the situation so that you’ll what kind of solution you are going to use.

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