4 Tips on How to Clean your Showerhead

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The shower head is a plumbing fixture that doesn’t get well maintained unlike the others. After all, its inefficiencies are not evident compared to faucets, drains, etc. Some homeowners don’t even know realise that their showers are already clogged and even dirty. The only instances when a shower head becomes a concern is when the flow of water is too slow or impure water is coming out. Whatever the case, you should always have time in cleaning your shower head. Check out the tips below.

1. Cleanse the filter and remove possible clogs

    Most shower heads have a filter screen that helps clear out mineral deposits and small debris. Over time, these deposits and debris will certainly accumulate and clog the fixture, lowering the water flow. Keep in mind that shower heads have various designs and each one requires specific methods to remove its filter and clean it properly. The best way to ensure that you’re disassembling and cleaning it the right way is by referring to the manual of the fixture. Once you’re done cleaning the filter, you will definitely notice a big difference of the new water flow compared with the slow water pressure of the unclean shower head.

2. Drench it with vinegar

    For those of you who haven’t had a thorough cleaning of their shower head, you may want to do a special method to get rid of the mineral deposits that have accumulated for a long time. You obviously need to remove the fixture from the mounted hose for this to work. This isn’t a complicated clean-up; just pour a liberal amount of white vinegar into a tub, the tub should be big enough to accommodate the whole mass of the shower head. Be sure to use white vinegar with this method since it has the best acidic properties among most vinegar products. The next step is to just leave it around two hours for the vinegar to do its job. After waiting for two hours, you can now scrub the shower head. With the help of the vinegar’s acidity, the mineral deposits can be easily removed.

3. Toothbrush and toothpicks

    This is a classic way of unclogging and cleaning the shower head, which can be tedious and dirty. A lot of people use this method since the sponge can’t reach some areas, especially the inner holes. The toothbrush and toothpicks on the other hand can be easily used to dig out the deposits and dirt. If you’re afraid you might damage the shower head, you can simply call a plumber to do the cleaning for you.

4. It still has a low water pressure

    If you already have done everything to clean and unclog the shower head, the problem may be more than just the fixture. For starters, check the main valve of your household, it could have been set to lower the water pressure entering your household. Also, there could be a problem with the water coming from the municipal water supply or the pipes in your home are leaking. The possibilities are indeed many, so have a plumber do a more in-depth inspection to find the cause of the problem.

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