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Need immediate assistance on hot water emergencies? Don’t panic and contact a professional plumber at once. At Plumber Mosman, we ensure to provide valuable plumbing service at a very reasonable price. Our emergency plumbers are proficient and experienced in addressing several types of plumbing emergencies including:

  • Leaks or burst pipes
  • Hot water emergencies
  • Blocked drains

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Mosman Plumbing Emergency

Ashleigh & Grant had a beautiful home in Mosman. Located a stone’s throw from Balmoral beach and the Allen Border Oval, it had been Ashleigh’s family home and she had inherited it from her mother’s estate. Ashleigh and Grant planned to renovate the house like new then they were planning on starting a family as it would be such a lovely home to raise children.

Grant had some friends who were willing to help with some of the work and they also hired some professionals to replace broken floorboards, install a new kitchen complete with a beautiful new marble bench top and remove and replace old carpets. They were planning on totally redesigning and renovating the two bathrooms as they were installed in the 1970’s so the tiles were terribly dark.

Grant’s friends arrived early in the morning as today they were going to replace the tired old front fence. Ashleigh wanted to keep some of the heritage of the house and insisted on a pretty picket fence. Grant hand selected all of the pickets to ensure they were straight and had already painted them so they would only need to have a final coat once the fence was built.

The boys hired a skip bin and removed the old timber fence and dug up the rotten posts. They also cleared some of the overgrown foliage while they had the skip and removed some of the rubbish from inside the house. Once the area was clean they carefully mapped out the new fence line and one of Grant’s friends marked the area with paint so they knew exactly where everything was going and where to dig in the new posts.

“Hey Mate,” Stew asked, “Do you know if there are any pipe located in this area?”
“Since we are digging where the old fence was, I think we’ll be right” Grant replied.
The guys began digging the new post holes and installing the brand new metal posts. They had installed six of the eight they needed to install when they struck trouble. One of the guys was using a mattock to break up the ground when he hit a gas pipe. “Stop digging” Stew said, “let’s see what you have hit.” He looked at the pipe and realised it was a gas pipe, he turned off the gas meter for safety.

He spoke to Grant then immediately called Your Neighbourhood Plumber Mosman. He knew that you knew that it is very dangerous to try and do gas or electricity repairs yourself, better to call in an expert.
The Mosman Plumber arrived mid-afternoon and Stew helped him to expose the pipe. The plumber cut out and replaced the damaged section of pipe and helped the friends mark out where the fence post should be installed to prevent and more damage to the pipe.

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