The Various Plumbing Tools used in Drain Cleaning

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People often ignore proper plumbing maintenance until a problem occurs. The drains are part of the plumbing system that should be regularly cleaned and maintained to avert plumbing issues like drain stoppage and clogs. You should be able to clean your drains at least once a week or when needed. To make the cleaning regimen easier and quick, you need to use the right equipment. You can check out the list below of various plumbing tools used in drain cleaning.   

The Basic Tools

If you don’t want to use complicated tools and don’t have any background in plumbing, then the basic tools are what you totally need. Keep in mind that this article focuses on handy equipment instead of chemical cleaners since the latter can be detrimental to your health and plumbing fixtures. Anyway, for cleaning out or unclogging toilets and sinks, you can use drain snakes. However, before you use drain snakes to clear out your toilet, use a plunger first since it’s easier to use and doesn’t require much effort.

Augers are another basic plumbing tool that’s effective in removing small items like jewellery. Mini hand snakes is a small and easy-to-use equipment that can clean sinks, bathtub and even the toilet. What makes this a must have for drain cleaning is that the steel wire can easily bend on most pipes, which makes the cleaning easier.

Power tools

This is best used by people who have experience in using more complex plumbing equipment or handy man tools.

Drill Style Equipment

The amount of clogs that can be cleared by this equipment will depend on the reach of the unit. You see, the length isn’t standardised and will depend on what the model or manufacturer. Some of these tools may have a longer reach than other units. If you plan on using a drill style cleaning equipment, then you should purchase one that has a comfortable and safe handle.  

Rooter Cleaners

This is heavy equipment that makes use of a power cable and speed motor to make the drain-cleaning faster and cleaner. Rooter cleaners are one of the top equipment used in cleaning drains due to its effectiveness. It’s rare to see an average homeowner use this type of tool since most people who use these are plumbers. Also, this equipment can become a bit expensive so you’re better off using simple cleaning tools as it’s easier to use and can still get the job done.

Water Jetters

The pure force of a water jetter can clear out drains with relative ease. It’s so powerful that it can get rid of tough blockages like grease and sludge. In fact, it clears so well that it’s able to restore the full water flow of your plumbing system as if it’s brand new. A great thing about water jetters is that it’s available for both residential and commercial use. You should use the smaller models for ease of use and have no problem storing the tool, since the large units can be a bit of a hassle to move around and store.

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