Unclogging Bathtub Drains

All the plumbing systems usually develop clogs. In fact clogs are inevitable. However, most clogged bathtub drains, plugged toilets and stopped-up sinks can be fixed without seeking the help of a plumber. You just need the right tools and little effort to complete the job. Providentially, most bathtubs drain stoppages cause of hair and soap residue. Neither of these is very hard to clear up by yourself.


Start with the simple fixes then move up one step at a time until the drain clears.


The following steps will help you clear the clogged bathtub drains. At the end of every step, if the drain is not flowing, proceed to the next step. When it clears, you are done.


Begin with the plunger


The first line to inspect during home drain problems is the plumber’s helper. You require some inches of water in the tub. At times, you need to develop a method such as duct tape, to close off the brim over the drain.


Put the plunger in the tub. Impel it up and down


Ensure you keep a good seal at the bottom of the tub using the plunger’s working end. Vigorously pump the plunger for about 20 seconds, and then haul the plunger up and away from the tub with a force. In most cases, this will unclog the tub. For better results, you are advised to do this repeatedly. If nothing is solved, proceed to the next step.


Use a drain cleaner


At times you may prefer this as the initial step. However, if you have a plunger, then use it. At times Drain cleaner can be costly. Follow the instructions on how to use the cleaner. Normally, the guidelines are; open the container and pour a half of the cleaner over the clog region of the tub. Wait for thirty minutes.


If the drain is still clogged, repeat the step above


Using a plunger after every attempt will increase the possibility of success. Be extra cautious not to splash water into your eyes since it can be acidic due the drain cleaner mixed in it. If there is improvement after several attempts, proceed to the next step.


Remove the drain cover to clean under the surface


Before carrying out this step, pump out all the water still in the tub. Use the screwdriver to open the cover. Remove the cover to see what could be causing the stoppage. Use a piece of wire or needle-nosed pliers to remove the objects stopping the flow of water. If the drain fails to clear up, use a plunger before moving to the next step.


Open the bathtub plumbing access


Nearly all bathtubs have an access panel behind that can be easily removed without remodeling your house. Open it to see if there are some materials causing the clog. The traps in most cases are found in the crawl space or in the basement. Use the container to trap the water. Unscrew the fitting at the start of the trap. Water may begin to drain from the tub once the fitting is loosened. If not, then the stoppage is between the tub and the trap. You can use a stiff wire to reach up the drain to break up the stoppage.


If the stoppage is beyond the bathtub drain, you may seek the help of a plumber, unless you are a plumber or skilled at opening vents and sewer lines.

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