Prevent These Drain-Cleaning Mistakes from Happening

Regularly cleaning the drains can help lower the chances of having clogs. However, some people often commit drain-cleaning mistakes that tend to damage the sink and pipe linings. Even if you’re consistent with cleaning, it will prove useless if you don’t apply proper cleansing methods or you’re just doing it wrong. Here are some mistakes you should be wary when cleaning drains.

Pouring Chemical Cleansers

This is only effective when dealing with small clogs and clearing out minor debris in the drain pipes. Chemical cleansers aren’t really efficient when cleaning drains. Aside from the substandard effectiveness, it also has too much drawbacks that it shouldn’t be part of your cleaning arsenal.

Some people don’t know that continuous usage of potent chemicals can eat away the pipe linings. More importantly, toxic vapours from these cleaners can negatively impact your health, along with anyone in the household. It’s actually better to use homemade solutions when cleaning drains like vinegar & baking soda. In fact, you can even just pour boiling water into the drains to clear out residue and clogs.

Inserting Coat Hangers or Any Other Item to Clear Clogs

There are a lot of sites that claim in using coat hanger or any other elongated object to remove heavy clogs in the drain. You should really avoid using this type of tools and methods since it can only distort and damage the pipes. There are even cases when the coat hanger got stuck, and as a result, contribute to the obstruction. If you want to clear out clogs, just use a plunger or drain snake.

Using Drain Snakes and Plungers without Knowing How to Use It

You’ve finally decided to clear out the drains with the proper plumbing tools, but do you really know how to use these tools? It’s very important that you will be able to effectively use these equipment. If you don’t have any knowledge or background in using drain snakes and plungers, you might just destroy the pipes. For those who really want to use these tools, you need to practise first and learn how to properly wield them.

Surging Water into the Drains with Hoses or Showerheads

A lot of homeowners believe that applying strong water pressure into the drains can help clean and unclog it. This method might sound great in theory, but in reality, it’s far from being a decent cleaning method. Most of the time, the water pressure from the hose or showerhead isn’t strong enough. In the end, you’ll just be wasting water resources and increasing your water bills while the drain is still a complete mess.

Taking Apart the Drain Pipes

It’s a good idea to disassemble the drain pipes so that you can have a thorough clean-up. However, for those who have no idea how to disassemble pipes, you might as well as forget using this method. Breaking up the pipe parts and failing to properly assemble it back will just mangle the piping system.

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